The Spit Flower

Written by Peggy Nicoll
Directed by David Blyth
First aired October 19, 1993
Production code 122
Episode number Season 1
Episode 24
Previous episode Itsy Bitsy Spider
Next episode Life’s a Masquerade
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


After destroying Kimberly’s beautiful float, Rita Repulsa decides to put a damper on plans for the world peace parade by turning the flowers that cover the parade floats into evil creatures and has Finster create the Spit Flower, part animal, part plant. Pretty soon the flower attacks Angel Grove. The Power Rangers are sent, but are no match for the plant, and when Rita increases the size of the plant, even Dragonzord is useless. The team is teleported back to the Command Center by Zordon. He informs them that he has located the flowers weak spot. The Power Rangers have to destroy the Spit Flower before it jeopardizes the world peace parade.

The flower’s weak spot is it’s mist sack. Without it, the Spit Flower cannot reproduce more biting bloomers and it will reduce its’ strength. Kimberly aims her bow and hits a bullseye on the mist sack. The Flower begins weakening, but it takes a combination of the Power Rangers weapons to form the Power Blaster to blow up the Spit Flower. In the mean time, Tommy, with the help of Alpha, fixes Kimberly’s float. In the end, Kimberly is gleefully surprised when she sees her float in the parade on television.

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