Mighty Morphin’ Mutants

Written by Douglas Sloan
Directed by Terence H. Winkless
First aired May 16, 1994
Production code 159
Episode number Season 1
Episode 59
Previous episode Football Season
Next episode An Oyster Stew
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


Lately Tommy has been having trouble remembering things. When Miss Appleby gives her class an assignment that requires an individual to change a particular flaw, the Power Teens decide to help Tommy with his forgetfulness. This becomes Rita’s latest inspiration, to create some Rangers who are flawless by retrieving the Badges of Darkness from the Cove of Evil, which have been buried for hundreds of years. She will use the badges to transform her Putties into nasty mutant Rangers. Her Rangers are perfect, with the exception of the red leader. Rita gets rid of the red leader and Finster creates “Commander Crayfish” as his replacement. The evil Rangers are sent to earth and match the Power Rangers blow by blow. Alpha supplies the Rangers with new, heavy artillery weapons. Rita, in exasperation, makes Crayfish and the mutant Rangers grow in size. The Rangers call on their Zords, and after an intense battle the Dragonzord obliterates Crayfish and the mutant Rangers.