Peace, Love, and Woe

Written by Julianne Klemm
Directed by Robert Hughes
First aired September 21, 1993
Production code 128
Episode number Season 1
Episode 13
Previous episode Power Ranger Punks
Next episode Foul Play in the Sky
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


The Power Rangers are decorating the youth center for a dance party. Zack offers to teach Billy a few moves to impress the ladies but Billy declines. His top priority is to complete a weather analyzing device. He leaves the center and bumps right into Marge (Ernie’s niece who is a girl-genius). It is instant love at first sight for both of them. They make arrangements to meet at Angel Grove Park later that afternoon. Meanwhile, Rita has asked Madame Woe to help her with several evil schemes. Rita makes a request for Madame Woe to capture one Power Ranger so the rest can follow. Maggie shows up at the park and waits for Billy. Madame Woe gets there first and captures Maggie.

Rita is furious at Madame Woe for messing up. When Billy gets to the park, he finds Maggie’s necklace on the ground, but no Maggie. He immediately suspects the worst. Zordon informs the Power Rangers that the only way to defeat Madame Woe is to combine the Power Coins, so that anyone in the group can assume the collective powers of the entire group. Billy volunteers. Madame Woe sends the Rangers into the blue dimension. They are blasted by Madame Woe’s rays. Billy absorbs the power and crushes the jewel that contains her power. Madame Woe begins to weaken. The Power Rangers and Marge escape from the dimension. The Rangers unite their Blade Blaster and turn it to Mega Blaster Mode. Marge is freed and asks Billy to the dance, later explaining how the Blue Ranger was her hero.