Return of an Old Friend (2)

Written by Shell Danielson
Directed by Worth Keeter
First aired March 1, 1994
Production code 150
Episode number Season 1
Episode 50
Previous episode Return of an Old Friend, Part I
Next episode Grumble Bee
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


Tommy, the Ranger’s only hope, is teleported to the Command Center by Alpha. Zordon reveals that he can restore Tommy’s power by draining his own energy and infusing it into Tommy. The transfusion works and Tommy transforms into the Green Ranger. Tommy’s powers, however, will be temporary and can run out at any time, but for his fellow Rangers, the risk is worth it. Tommy, as Green Ranger, goes to battle Goldar to retrieve the other power coins as well as the Dragon Dagger. With his energy almost zapped, Tommy courageously manages to grab the Dragon Dagger and coins and calls on the Dragonzord. Rita sends down giant Goldar and Scorpina to battle the Dragonzord. The other Power Ranger’s watch in horror on the viewing globe as Rita’s henchman destroy the Dragonzord. Zordon, drained of his energy, commands Alpha to bring in the exhausted Tommy. Green Ranger materializes in the Command Center, collapses and transforms back into civilian Tommy. With Zordon devoid of energy and out of commission, Billy comes up with a plan to use their power coins to restore him.

The plan works and Zordon is re-energized. While Tommy remains unconscious, the other five Power Rangers go to battle the Dramole. Only if they destroy the monster will their parents be free. The Dramole monster pulls all the Rangers, except Kimberly, into the Earth and then shoots his poisonous gas at them which causes them to attack Kimberly. In the meantime, Tommy comes to and morphs out of the Command Center to save his friends. Just when Green Ranger and Dragonzord arrive on the scene, the spell from the gas runs out and Red, Blue, Yellow and Black Ranger become themselves again. Rita, in frustration, makes the Dramole grow, but together, Megazord and Dragonzord defeat it. The Power Rangers’ parents are at last free and they are reunited with them in the end.