Return of the Green Ranger (2)

Written by Shuki Levy
Directed by Shuki Levy
First aired February 21, 1995
Production code 245
Episode number Season 2
Episode 45
Previous episode Return of the Green Ranger, Part I
Next episode Return of the Green Ranger, Part III
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


Still in 1774 and hiding from solders, a girl named Marissa helps the Rangers flee. Tommy is forced into a confrontation, causing the White Ranger to battle the Green Ranger. The Wizard of Deception helps the Green Ranger win and instructs him to retrieve the Dragon Dagger. The Wizard also creates more trouble for the teens: giant rats join in the chase after the Rangers. When they discover that they are unable to morph, the Rangers are helpless, while the Evil Green Ranger summons the Dragon Zord to destroy the White Ranger — and the world.