Rocky Just Wants to Have Fun

Written by Mark Hoffmeier
Directed by Terence H. Winkless
First aired November 16, 1994
Production code 228
Episode number Season 2
Episode 32
Previous episode When is a Ranger Not a Ranger?
Next episode Lights, Camera, Action
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


Zedd casts a spell on Rocky under which all Rocky wants to do is have fun. Rocky will not pull himself from the Pachinko Machine, from which Zedd creates a monster, PACHINKO HEAD. The monster shoots a ray which turns Billy, Aisha and Kimberly into giant Pachinko Balls with a picture of each captured Ranger on them. Tommy gathers all the Pachinko’d Power Rangers, and, one by one, Alpha returns them to normal. Tommy faces the Monster alone, but PACHINKO HEAD wants to have fun first, so Zedd attacks SERPENTERRA. Zedd destroys PACHINKO HEAD for making his work into a game. The Rangers battle SERPENTERRA in the Ultrazord, then seek refuge in their “Turtle Zord.” Zedd tries to crush the Zord but drains his energy and his auxiliary power. He only has enough energy left to withdraw.