Storybook Rangers (1)

Written by Douglas Sloan, Cheryl Saban
Directed by John Weil
First aired May 1, 1995
Production code 247
Episode number Season 2
Episode 48
Previous episode Best Man for the Job
Next episode Storybook Rangers, Part II
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


At the school Book Fair, Kimberly recognizes a book of fairy tales from her childhood. Rita decides to trap Kimberly, Tommy and Rocky inside the book forever. There, they meet Grumble the Elf, a character in the story who must return some toys to the orphans in order to break the spell placed on him by Mondo the Magician. Zedd realizes that if Grumble doesn’t deliver the toys, the story will not end. Zedd captures the toys, leaving the teens and Grumble to find a different end to the story. They go back in the story to search for Mondo in hopes he will lift the spell on Grumble. Meanwhile, Bulk and Skull try to build their own monster, but unwittingly use a cookbook as an instruction book.