Storybook Rangers (2)

Written by Douglas Sloan, Cheryl Saban
Directed by John Weil
First aired May 2, 1995
Production code 248
Episode number Season 2
Episode 49
Previous episode Storybook Rangers, Part I
Next episode Wild West Rangers, Part I
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


Tommy, Kimberly and Rocky escape the Snow Monster, but now must face Mondo the Magician before they can get out of the story book. Aisha, Adam and Billy frantically search for the book at the book fair, but are deployed to fight the Turkey Jerk monster, Bulk and Skull’s creation brought to life by Rita and Zedd. They destroy the Turkey Jerk with the Power Cannon. Mondo refuses to lift the spell on Grumble. The other teens find the storybook and Aisha draws some toys into the book. When Grumble gives the toys to the orphans, the spell is lifted and the Rangers escape. Rita and Zedd unleash a giant Mondo on Angel Grove, but fortunately he is no match for the Thunder Megazord.