Welcome to Venus Island

Written by Mark Hoffmeier
Directed by Terence H. Winkless
First aired September 24, 1994
Production code 209
Episode number Season 2
Episode 10
Previous episode The Beetle Invasion
Next episode The Song of Guitardo
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


The Putties and Goldar abduct Hallie on the beach. As she disappears, Goldar drops a bottle which burns a strange code on the sand. The message: instructions to Goldar to take Hallie to Venus Island, where she’ll join Lord Zedd’s evil forces. The Rangers are teleported to Venus Island, where they find gigantic Venus Fly Trap plants. A flash of light rips through the trees and hits one of the plants, which becomes the INVENUSABLE FLY TRAP. The monster shoots a ray which sucks four of the Rangers inside it. With Tommy and Trini remaining, the monster makes a deal for Tommy to give himself up, in exchange for Hallie and the Rangers. Alpha sends the message that heat is the monster’s weakness. The Power Rangers use their power coins to create immense heat and escape as the island sinks. The monster grows larger. Calling on Thunder Megazord, they defeat the INVENUSABLE FLY TRAP, and rescue Hallie as the island finishes sinking.