Stop the Hate Master (2)

Written by Stewart St. John
Directed by Bob Radler
First aired September 26, 1995
Production code 314
Episode number Season 3
Episode 13
Previous episode Stop the Hate Master, Part I
Next episode Final Face-Off
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


While Aisha is being analyzed at the Command Center, the other Power Rangers continue to be under the Hate Master’s powerful spell of hate. Billy decides to cut off the power in the Command Center leaving Aisha stranded. She figures out a way to get out of the Command Center and leaves the necklace with Alpha. When Aisha confronts the Hate Master, he tries to get her under his control again, but remembering her grandmother’s advice, she is able to resist the spell. Later, Aisha goes to the Youth Center where she finds the others fighting amongst themselves and delivers a stirring speech about their friendship which breaks the spell. Zedd and Rita make the Hate Master grow, but it’s defeated by the Ninja Ultrazord.