Violet was an girl in Billy’s art class who had a crush on him.
Homeworld Earth
First seen Blue Ranger Gone Bad
Last seen Blue Ranger Gone Bad
Portrayed by Tia Browsh
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Violet had a crush on Billy, a fellow art class student. She made a statue of him for class that he tried to appreciate but seemed uncomfortable with. Adam noticed Violet’s stares at Billy in class.

At the Juice Bar, Violet said hello to the evil clone Billy, but he completely ignored her, looking angry. Later, the real Billy apologized to Violet and explained that he hadn’t been himself lately. She forgave him quickly and they made plans to go to a movie.

In art class, Bulk and Skull unveiled a statue made by Violet, but they were surprised to see it was a statue of Billy in a gold Power Ranger suit without a helmet. Violet explained that she wanted to create a statue that showcased the qualities of a Power Ranger, and she thought Billy possessed those qualities.