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Ninja Rangers

Powered by Ninja Power Coins, Ninja Rangers were the ninja forms of the last Mighty Morphin Power Ranger team. 
First seen Ninja Quest, Part III
Last seen Another Brick in the Wall (Black / Red)
A Chimp in Charge (Blue / Yellow / Pink / White)
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

The Temple of Power

When Rito Revolto destroyed the Thunderzords and the Power Rangers found themselves defenceless, Zordon sent them on a quest to locate the creator of their Power Coins.

Zordon told them of a legendary lost temple hidden beneath the Desert of Despair. Though thought to be lost, Zordon and Alpha possessed a map that they had found when they discovered the original Power Coins.

Following the map through the desert, the teens found themselves in a large oriental garden. Towering over the garden was a temple, it’s gates locked. As the six teen approached, the gates swung open, allowing them to enter. Inside, the teens found Ninjor, who was unreceptive to their pleas for help.

The Great Ninjor

Recognising that they did not seek power out of greed, Ninjor agreed to help them in their quest to realise their inherent ninja spirits. Ninjor led the teens in a ceremony, guiding them to their ninja animals.

As Ninjor spoke, Ninja Ranger suits began to materialise on to each teen, waves of energy flowing through them. The Ninja Ranger suits were distinctive from their Power Rangers suits as they were not form-hugging, instead being layered and loose.

Each Ninja Ranger possessed a large golden coin bearing a ninja animal on their chests. Their belts bore no Power Morpher and their shoulders, gauntlets and boots featured raised golden diamonds.

As the ceremony concluded, Ninjor stated that they each possessed the power of Ninja deep within their souls. Ninjor stated that they would need to activate their Ninja powers to prevent the Tengas from breaching the purity of the temple.

As each of the Ranger’s chest coins glowed, they each stated their ninja mantra and colored energy surrounded them. As it dissipated, Ninjor congratulated them, stating that they had each passed through the portal of power and light. With that, the Rangers ran to confront the invading Tenga menace.

As the Rangers returned to the desert to fight the Tengas, they were now fully hooded, their faces completely hidden apart from two eye holes for vision.

Defending the temple

The Ninja Ranger powers seemed to allow the Rangers to perform a series of special maneuvers that they did not appear to be able to perform otherwise.

When first using the new powers, Adam observed that Ninja Ranger power was like being supercharged. When under attack from a Tenga, the White Ninja Ranger was able to disapear, leaving a decoy version of his Ninja Ranger suit behind causing the Tenga to become confused. The White Ninja Ranger was then able to reappear in a separate location.

The Pink Ninja Ranger discovered that she could perform a flash maneuver, allowing her to move from one location to another so quickly that she appeared as a blur to the attacking Tenga.  [MMPR3: “Ninja Quest, Part III“]

Ninja Ranger Power

The Blue and Black Ninja Rangers were able to perform a double-vault attack. The Blue Ninja placed his hands together to give the Black Ninja a boost into the air. As the Black Ninja leapt into the air, the Blue Ninja suddenly appeared, leaping over him from behind. As the Blue Ninja corkscrewed through the air, he was able to take a Tenga by surprise, grabbing it and twisting it through the air until it fell to the ground.

The Black Ninja Ranger appeared to demonstrate an increased level of dexterity, being able to walk on his hands as quickly as he could with his legs. This allowed him to use his legs to deliver a series of rapid kicks to a Tenga.

The Yellow Ninja Ranger demonstrated incredible speed and balance, performing multiple successive backflips and even running horizontally up the trunk of a tree, before leaping to the top of the tree from the ground.

The Red Ninja Ranger was able to land upon the shoulders of a Tenga and remain balanced despite its attempt to dislodge him. The Red Ninja then performed a series of multiple mid-air kicks seemingly defying gravity. [MMPR3: “Passing the Lantern“]

Learning the ways of Ninja

The Ninja Rangers were able to teleport into a huddle of Tenga Warriors without being noticed, using the surprise to break the huddle and knock the birds to the ground. As the Pink Ninja had done previously, the Red Ninja Ranger was able to perform a flash maneuver vertically to a high tree branch. [MMPR3: “Wizard for a Day“]

The Red Ninja appeared to become proficient at the flash maneuver, using it to outwit an attacking Tenga outside of the Cultural Exhibit. The Black Ninja was able to perform the decoy suit technique that the White Ninja first used. [MMPR3: “Final Face-Off”]

Both the Blue and Black Ninja’s were able to use the flash maneuver to disappear into the ground. From beneath the earth, each was able grab the legs of two hunting Tengas before tripping them to the ground. The Ninja Rangers were then able to flash out of the ground and into the air, taking down a confused Tenga.

The Pink and White Ninja Rangers appeared to be able to combine their Ninja Ranger power to perform a laser power technique. Joining two of their hands together, they were able to project white and pink energy from their fingers, which swirled around the flock of Tengas, knocking them to the ground and pushing them back. [MMPR3: “Stop the Hate Master, Part I”]

The Red Ninja Ranger was able to perform a corkscrew double-punch similar to the one previously performed by the Blue Ninja. This punch was strong enough to knock Goldar to the ground. [MMPR3: “The Potion Notion”]


Masters of Ninja Ranger Power

The Black Ninja Ranger was able to perform an energy technique similar to the ninja laser power used by the Pink and White Ninja Rangers. Holding his hands together, the Black Ninja was able to conjure swirling black energy bolts, which were used to blast the Tengas.

The Red Ninja Ranger was able to perform a flash maneuver as the Black and Blue Ninja’s had done previously, now being able to hide within the trunk of a tree. Similarly, the Yellow Ninja used the flash manoeuvre to hide beneath the ground in her battle with Rito. [MMPR3: “A Ranger Catastrophe, Part I”]

The teens were able to transform into Ninja Rangers even from beneath water. Upon emerging, they appeared to land with completely dry suits. The Black Ninja Ranger performed a cloning technique, in which he appeared to split into two identical Black Ninja Rangers, before rejoining as one.

The Yellow Ninja Ranger was able to perform a vanish technique, disappeared in a cloud of smoke, which was similar to the decoy suit technique. [MMPR3: “Changing of the Zords, Part I”]

The Yellow Ninja Ranger was able to hypnotise Tengas for a short time, controlling their body movements before knocking them to the ground. The Black Ninja Ranger was able to grow to a giant size for a few moments and was even able to hold Tengas within the palm of his hand. [MMPR3: “Changing of the Zords, Part III”]