Sword of Light

The Sword of Light is an ancient artifact which permitted the transfer of large amounts of Ranger energy from one or more Power Rangers. 
First seen The Power Transfer, Part I
Last seen The Power Transfer, Part II
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

The Sword of Light

When JasonZack and Trini were chosen to represent Angel Grove at the World Peace Conference in Switzerland, the Power Rangers found themselves facing the problem of arranging replacement Rangers.

The Rangers use the map to the Sword

Zordon informed the Rangers that it was extremely difficult to transfer Ranger powers from one person to another due to the enormous amount of power required. Zordon was aware of a way to accomplish the feat- the Sword of Light.

The Deserted Planet

The Sword of Light was hidden on a world known as the Deserted Planet, located in an area of space light years away called the Farthest Galaxy. Zordon gave the Rangers a map that was secured with a ring, which would lead the team to the sword. Arriving on the Deserted Planet, they made their way to the Deserted City which had been uninhabited for thousands of years.

The Deserted City

The Rangers were pursued by Lord Zedd and Goldar, who intercepted them in Serpentera. While the other Rangers made their may through the city to find the sword, the Red Ranger used the Thunderzords to distract Zedd. During the confrontation, Serpentera obliterated the remains of the city.


Search for the Sword

The Rangers found a metal statue of a soldier holding a sword that was still standing, apparently undamaged despite the devastation around it. The Rangers attempted to remove the sword from the hands of the statue using their Blade Blasters but it appeared impervious to any physical force. [MMPR2: “The Power Transfer, Part I“]

Search for the Sword
The Rangers retrieve the Sword of Light

Recognising that the ring that had been wrapped around the map was the correct size to fit on the finger of the statue, the Blue Ranger slid the ring onto it. The sword glowed with a golden light and the statue released its grip, allowing the White Ranger to remove it. With the sword released, the statue was no longer able to resist the destructive power of Serpentera and it was destroyed when Zedd unleashed a final destructive wave upon the city. As the Rangers teleported home, all that remained of the statue was the head as it lay amongst the burning rubble.

The Power Transfer

When Zordon began the ceremony to pass the Ranger power from Jason, Zack and Trini to RockyAdam and Aisha, he charged the Sword of Light with energy, transforming it from a dull metal to a shining gold with red, blue, black, yellow, pink and white gems embedded within the blade.

The Power Transfer
The Power Transfer ceremony begins

With the sword transformed, Zordon  struck the sword with energy and the powers from each of the three departing Rangers appears to transfer through the relevant gem to the new recruits, who were instantly morphed into Power Rangers.

The departing Rangers remained in their morphed forms, each appearing to still possess duplicate Power MorphersPower Coins and Blade Blasters, albeit temporarily as they were soon teleported out of the Command Center and back to their civilian lives. [MMPR2: “The Power Transfer, Part II“]