Serpentera was the gigantic Zord built and commanded by Lord Zedd. Capable of destroying entire planets, it could operate in both space and atmosphere.
First seen The Power Transfer, Part I
Last seen Forever Red
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Length 500 m
Height 345 m
Weight 500,000 tons
Speed Mach 30

Discovering Serpentera

When Jason, Zack and Trini were selected to leave to attend a Peace Conference in Geneva, Lord Zedd decided to destroy the remaining Power Rangers himself using his newest demon of destruction; Serpentera. Serpentera’s presence was not unnoticed, and as Zedd began to charge his Zord with energy, the alarms in the Command Center alerted Zordon. Zordon knew of Serpentera and informed the teens that that it was more powerful than anything they had faced before.

Serpentera was a gigantic machine of destruction. Like the Red Dragon Thunderzord, the Zord was in the form of a large flying dragon, with an articulated body and limbs. The Zord was mostly green in color, save for some gold highlights and a long silver stripe underneath. The head of the the Zord featured featured a pair of long golden horns. The Zord was enormous, even by Zord standards. It dwarfed every Thunderzord and was able to fit Tor within a single clawed foot.

Serpentera was able to be controlled by a single pilot. The cockpit was a dark and atmospheric place, featuring a pilots station at its front with a raised throne at the rear. The Zord could operate in atmosphere and in space. When landing, the Zord would stand upright on its rear legs with its tail upturned.

The Deserted Planet

Zedd pursued the Rangers to the Deserted Planet, located in an area of space light years away called the Farthest Galaxy. Arriving on the Deserted Planet, the Rangers made their way to the Deserted City which had been uninhabited for thousands of years. Zedd and Goldar soon intercepted in Serpentera, causing the Red Ranger to use the Thunderzords to confront Zedd.

During the confrontation, Serpentera fired bolts of yellow energy from its open mount, destroying many of the buildings in the city, eventually destroying the entire town center. Serpentera attempted to crush Tor beneath its foot, but Tor was resilient. Strangely, Serpentera’s red eyes dimmed as it tried to crush Tor. Zedd decided to obliterate the entire Deserted Planet, an act that would use up almost all of Serpentera’s remaining power and force it to withdraw to recharge. However, the attack was successful, and Serpentera blasted the entire planet to dust. [MMPR2: “The Power Transfer, Part I“]

Serpentera on Earth

Withdrawing back to Earth, Serpentera appeared to operate much slower than it had earlier after using its energy stores to destroy the Deserted Planet. As Serpentera made its way into Earth’s atmosphere, the sky of Angel Grove grew dark and storm clouds gathered.

Intent to repeat the his earlier success on the Deserted Planet in Angel Grove, Zedd attempted to attack with Serpentera. However, with almost no energy left, all Serpentera could do in response was dim the cockpit illumination. As the Rangers destroyed the Silverhorns monster, Zedd used the last of Serpentera’s energy to retreat to the Moon. [MMPR2: “The Power Transfer, Part II“]

Some time later, Zedd would return to Earth in a recharged Serpentera. Serpentera was able to achieve a direct hit against the Thunder Megazord that was so effective that it caused the Zords to revert to their individual forms. The Red Dragon Warrior Mode took cover inside Tor, while Zedd used the same tactic against Tor as before, only to realise that Tor was able to drain more than half of Serpentera’s power. Once again drained, Serpentera retreated to the Moon. [MMPR2: “Rocky Just Wants to Have Fun“]

The Lightning Diamond

Zedd sought the Lightning Diamond, an energy source used by Bookala that he could use as an infinite power source for Serpentera, making it invincible. After Bookala sought the help of the Power Rangers, Adam created a decoy Lightning Diamond which the Rangers allowed to be stolen by Goldar, which Goldar inserted into Serpentera’s power grid.

Goldar soon realised that the Lightning Diamond connected to Serpentera was a fake, which burned up and caused Serpentera’s systems to malfunction. [MMPR2: “The Great Bookala Escape“]

The Honeymooners

Shortly after Zedd’s wedding ceremony with Rita Repulsa, Serpentera was prepared to take the couple on their honeymoon. Rita and Zedd boarded the Zord, which was now stood upright near their palace on the Moon. Taking off into space, the Zord displayed a giant sign made of flame which read ‘Just married”. Zedd was able to communicate with his monsters from the cockpit throne using a microphone and the forward viewscreen. [MMPR2: “The Wedding, Part III“]

A few months later, Zedd arranged for a second honeymoon with Rita, again in Serpentera, this time fully charged. However, Zedd quickly found that once again, the Zord was almost out of power, as Rito Revolto had forgotten to charge it. [MMPR3: “The Potion Notion“]

In early 1996, the Machine Empire began an assault on both the Earth and its moon, forcing Zedd and family to escape from the palace. The entire crew boarded the Zord, who was this time laying horizontally, before flying away from the Moon towards Master Vile’s M51 Galaxy. [PRZ: “A Zeo Beginning, Part II“]

Here lies Serpentera

Serpentera would not be heard from in over five years, until Andros learned that General Venjix and the last remnants of the Machine Empire were attempted to unearth something from beneath the lunar surface; Serpentera. There was no explanation as to how the Zord was returned to the Moon or why it was now buried.

Serpentera’s appearance had changed greatly since it was last seen, now inexplicably a fraction of its previous size, being approximately no more than 50m wide and significantly shorter. The Zord was now no longer green, instead appearing in hues of purple and silver.

Intending to use the Zord as a weapon, General Venjix installed within it a neo-plutonium power core to compensate for the massive power requirements. Venjix took to the cockpit, which, like the rest of the Zord, barely resembled the cockpit’s previous appearance.

Still dark and atmospheric, the pilots control station was completely different and there was no rear throne. Venjix flew the Zord into space but was pursued by the Red Wild Force Ranger on his flying motorbike, the Wild Force Rider.

The fate of Serpentera

Venjix attempted to destroy the motorbike with a blast of energy, which, as everything else seems to have been, was again completely different from how it was previously shown to be. The Zord emitted a weak vortex of purple energy from its mouth and rather than causing the cataclysmic destruction which it had earlier been capable of, it instead had no effect on the flying motorbike whatsoever.

The Wild Force Rider simply travelled through the inert vortex and into the mouth of the Zord, causing the once mighty machine to begin exploding for apparently for no reason other than because a motorbike went in its mouth.  [PRWF: “Forever Red“]