Thunder Ultrazord

The Thunder Ultrazord was the combined form of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers‘ six Thunderzords with Tor the Shuttlezord. It was heavy enough to crush giant-sized monsters.
First seen A Monster of Global Proportions
Last seen Goldar’s Vice Versa
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Height 62.53 m
Weight 1788 tons

The power of the Thunder Ultrazord

During the battle with Lord Zedd’s Four Head monster, the Rangers quickly found themselves in a losing battle despite forming the Mega Tigerzord. Zordon instructed Alpha 5 to activate Tor the Shuttlezord, which would help the Rangers win their victory. Still finding the monster to be too powerful, they resorted to forming the Thunder Ultrazord.

With the White Tigerzord stored within Tor’s hangar bay, the Thunderzord Assault Team (including the Red Dragon Warrior Mode) docked atop his massive shell. With the combined power of all six Thunderzords, the Thunder Ultrazord was able to crush the Fore Head, destroying him. [MMPR2: “A Monster of Global Proportions“]

Powers and abilities

The Red Dragon Warrior Mode was able to use its staff like a propellor in order to lift the Thunder Ultrazord off of the ground and into the air. Once in the air, the Zord could aim itself towards a target. The force of the massive Zord falling down was even enough to destroy the giant-sized Silverhorns. [MMPR2: “The Power Transfer, Part II“]

The Zord was equipped with two massive side-mounted cannons, similar to those of Titanus. These cannons blasted a rapid series of energy pulses that were powerful enough to cause a giant Goldar and Scorpina to retreat.  [MMPR2: “Goldar’s Vice-Versa“]

Fate of the Thunderzords

During the confrontation against Rito Revolto, the Thunder Megazord and White Tiger Warrior Mode was outnumbered against Rito and his monster gang. The damaged Thunderzord power accelerator was at peak level due to the power bank leaking energy, despite Alpha 5’s best efforts to contain it. With the unstable power accelerator beyond limits, the Thunderzords began to explode and fall apart piece by piece, with no way to revitalise them. As Tor was not involved in the battle, its fate is unknown. [MMPR3: “Ninja Quest, Part I“]