White Tigerzord (Warrior Mode)

White Tigerzord Warrior Mode was the bipedal mode of the White Tigerzord. Equipped with a large sword, it could combine with the other Thunderzords and Tor.
First seen White Light, Part II
Last seen Ninja Quest, Part I
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Height 46 m
Weight 150 tons

White Tigerzord Warrior Mode

Shortly after Tommy was revealed to be the new White Ranger, Alpha 5 informed him that the White Ranger would command a new Zord called the White Tigerzord, a Zord of strength and fierceness. The White Ranger soon had an opportunity to test the new Zord, calling on it to help in the battle against the giant Nimrod monster. The Tigerzord was mostly white in color save for black and red highlights throughout its body. The legs and arms of the Zord had large red domes at the top of each section.

The cockpit was a medium sized space with a large window at the front. The cockpit featured five plasma orbs and the White Ranger stood behind the center orb. To the rear of the cockpit was a wall with seven small glass orbs, each displaying a Japanese symbol. To the left of the White Ranger was a control console into which Saba was inserted. Located to the right of this console was a port into which one of the seven glass orbs could be inserted in order to trigger a special attack.

Powers and abilities

During the battle with Nimrod, the White Ranger used the ‘fire’ orb from the wall behind him to launch a barrage of fire blasts towards the monster. Once the orb was inserted into the orb port on the control console, the Tigerzord’s mouth flashed red, displaying the fire symbol before launching the White Tiger Thunderbolt towards Nimrod. Once inserted into the control port, Saba could make the Warrior Mode follow the every move of the White Ranger, allowing the White Ranger to fight with the Zord as if he were fighting in normal hand-to-hand combat.

The Warrior Mode could use the long golden tail of the Tigerzord as a sword. The sword was approximately half the length of the Warrior Mode and had a large red orb on its hilt. The sword tapered like scimitar with a series of ridges along the rear of the blade. [MMPR2: “White Light, Part II“]

The Zord was damaged in the battle against the giant Pachinko Head monster, forcing the Rangers to teleport it to the hiding place in order for it to be recharged.  [MMPR2: “Rocky Just Wants to Have Fun“]

Mega Tigerzord power

Zordon advised that he would reconfigure the other Thunderzords to allow them all to combine to create a new formation; the Mega Tigerzord. The White Ranger was able to order the combination sequence from inside the cockpit of the Tigerzord. Soon after, the Thunderzord Assault Team joined the Tigerzord Warrior Mode, each transforming to combine with the White Ranger’s Zord.

Rita’s control

When Rita placed Tommy and Kimberly under a competitiveness spell that caused them to become fierce rivals, Goldar was able to steal Saba and give him to Rita Repulsa. Rita appeared on Earth with Saba in her possession, Saba’s mouth now gagged with a black ribbon.

As the Rangers demanded his return, Rita released the gag and summoned the Tigerzord to appear. In response, the Rangers summoned their Thunder Megazord. As the Rangers fought the Tigerzord, Tommy was able to use Alpha’s electromagnet device to pull Saba out of Rita’s hand and regain control of the Tigerzord. [MMPR2: “Best Man For The Job“]

Fate of the White Tigerzord

The White Tigerzord was used successfully for the first year of Lord Zedd’s assault on Angel Grove but would not survive for longer. During the confrontation against Rito Revolto, the Tigerzord, assembled in Warrior Mode form, was outnumbered against Rito and his monster gang.

The damaged Thunderzord power accelerator was at peak level due to the power bank leaking energy, despite Alpha 5’s best efforts to contain it. With the unstable power accelerator beyond limits, the Tigerzord, along with the other Thunderzords began to explode and fall apart piece by piece, with no way to revitalise them. [MMPR3: “Ninja Quest, Part I“]