Thunderzord Assault Team

The Thunderzord Assault Team was the Thunderzord equivalent of tank mode. The formation was made up of either four or five Thunderzords and allowed all five to fly as part of the combination.
First seen The Mutiny, Part II
Last seen Ninja Quest, Part I
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Length 31 m
Width 30 m
Weight 186 tons
Speed Mach 1.4

Forming the Thunderzord Assault Team

The Thunderzord Assault Team was the tank mode of the Thunderzords. Consisting of the Lion, Griffin, Firebird and Unicorn Thunderzords, it was a tightly formed combination capable of flight. The mode was first formed in the battle against the giant Saliguana monster. With the Lion Thunderzord forming the forward section of the tank, the Griffin and Unicorn Thunderzords took position on the left and right sections respectively.  The Firebird Thunderzord would dock atop a column at the rear of the tank.

The underside of the tank was made of a sled platform upon which the other Thunderzords would dock. Formation of the tank was swift. With the Zords flying in a tight formation, they would be be struck by large lightning bolts that would cause the sled platform to manifest.

There was space behind the Lion Thunderzord for the Red Dragon Thunderzord Warrior Mode to stand. The Zord was able to remain locked in position, even when the Assault Team increased speed or flew upside down. [MMPR2: “Putty on the Brain“] The Assault Team could combine with the White Tigerzord to form the Mega Tigerzord.  [MMPR2: “White Light, Part II“]

Tigerzord and Tor

When the Red Dragon Thunderzord Warrior Mode was on board, the formation could connect to Tor to form the Thunder Ultrazord. Whilst this formation was still capable of flight, it appeared to be greatly reduced, perhaps due to the combined weight of the entire Thunderzord fleet.[MMPR2: “A Monster of Global Proportions“]

The Firebird was capable of either autonomous or remote control in this formation. During the confrontation with the Cactus Monster, the Zord was able to be summoned and transformed to Mega Tigerzord despite the Pink Ranger’s absence.  [MMPR2: “Wild West Rangers, Part II“]

The Thunderzords were ultimately destroyed in the battle against Rito Revolto. [MMPR3: “Ninja Quest, Part I“]