Nakia Burrise, Catherine Sutherland Starting a New Web Series

I’m a big fan of Power Rangers, and now I think I’ve found my new favorite YouTube channel. Well, my favorite future channel. Power Rangers Playback is a new YouTube channel that is being started up by Nakia Burrise and Catherine Sutherland, who used to be Power Rangers! Sutherland was Kat who was introduced in season three of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and continued on the show until Turbo, and Burrise was Tanya in Zeo and Turbo. These two ladies will be watching the series and providing their thoughts, including some behind-the-scenes knowledge. The new show will also feature guests! They didn’t name any names, but they have talked about watching various seasons (including those they weren’t in).

The first episode of Power Rangers Playback will air on February 5 at 4 PM Pacific Time. Fans may want to tune in a day early for a live stream at 12 PM Pacific Time that they will be having and doing giveaways and such. It’s sure to be a great channel for anyone who loves Power Rangers. You can find Power Rangers Podcast on Instagram and Twitter as well as YouTube.

Original article, Tommy Williams

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