Trick or Treat

Written by Daniel J. Sarnoff, Ellen Levy-Sarnoff
Directed by Worth Keeter
First aired May 3, 1994
Production code 155
Episode number Season 1
Episode 54
Previous episode Fowl Play
Next episode Second Chance
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


Kimberly is a contestant with a chance to win a car on a tacky horror comedy game-show called Trick or Treat. Her opponent is none other than Skull. All her fellow Rangers come to root for her except for Tommy, who has to compete in a inter-city Karate tournament. Just when Kimberly is about to win the car, the Rangers get a call from Zordon. Rita has decided to give the Rangers a little trick or treat of her own–a lethal monster named “Pumpkin Rapper,” who can destroy the Rangers with his electrically charged vines. A disappointed Kimberly pretends to faint on the set and she joins the others to battle the monster. Just when it looks like the monster will overcome the Rangers, Tommy/Green Ranger shows up and uses his dragon dagger to cut the vines. In the end, Skull loses the car he won by default on the game show because the network discovers that he and Bulk were cheating.

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