Two Heads are Better Than One

Written by Mark Hoffmeier
Directed by John Stewart
First aired April 29, 1994
Production code 152
Episode number Season 1
Episode 52
Previous episode Grumble Bee
Next episode Fowl Play
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


Jason and Tommy team up to teach a self-defense class to middle-aged women. Bulk and Skull join the class–thinking that it will be an opportunity to meet “babes.” Jason and Tommy’s efficient teamwork gives Rita the idea for Finster to create a two-headed monster, the “Two-Headed Parrot.” The only way to defeat this doubly smart and evil monster is to distract it with its favorite food, the giant Kiwi fruit. Tommy finds a giant Kiwi growing in the park, but he is thwarted by the putties. Luckily, he remembers that Ernie has a shipment of this exotic fruit. He manages to get the Kiwi just in time to help his fellow Power Rangers defeat the Parrot with the Ultrazord.

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