Heart Necklace

The heart necklace was a family heirloom given to Aisha by her grandmother which emitted positive energy waves. 
First seen Stop the Hate Master, Part I
Last seen Stop the Hate Master, Part II
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

The Family Heirloom

In 1995, Aisha’s grandmother gifted a family heirloom to her in the form a gold heart-shaped necklace inset with a red gemstone. Her grandmother said that the necklace had been in their family for generations and that it should remind her that love conquers all.

The Family Heirloom
Aisha receives the heart necklace

Aisha was wearing the heart necklace when she morphed with the other Rangers to stop a giant Hate Master with their Ninjazords. Aisha appeared to be the only Ranger unaffected by Hate Master’s mind control. [MMPR3: “Stop the Hate Master, Part I“]


The heart of the matter

In the Command Center, Alpha 5 was able to determine that the heart necklace was emitting a powerful energy wave, likely built up by absorbing the positive energy waves of those who had handled it.

The heart of the matter
Alpha discovers the necklace protection

Zordon explained that the energy was made of love, generosity and caring which would have protected Aisha from Hate Master. As the necklace was the only chance they had of stopping the Hate Master, Alpha created a device that could transmit a positive energy beam sourced from the love in the heart necklace.

The heart of the matter
The positive energy device

The device was successful and the Hate Master spell was lifted from those affected by it. [MMPR3: “Stop the Hate Master, Part II“]