Sword of Power

The Sword of Power is a magical sword summoned by the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers that could grant the user a boost of power.
First seen The Green Dream
Last seen The Green Dream
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

The Last Chance

Observing that the Green Ranger was continuing to weaken, Lord Zedd decided to steal the Sword of Power- a weapon belonging to Zordon that could only be summoned when all six Power Rangers were united together.

The Last Chance to steal the Sword of Power
Zedd plots to steal the Sword of Power

Fearing that Tommy’s Green Ranger powers would be destroyed so soon that he would lose his opportunity to obtain the sword, Zedd sent the Putty Patrol to capture Tommy and control his mind.


The Double-cross

With a rampaging Robogoat attacking Angel Grove, Tommy proposed that the Rangers summon the Sword of Power in order to grant him an extra boost of energy to sustain him during the fight. The Rangers agreed, and no sooner was the sword in his hand, had Tommy teleported away in a ball of light.

The Double-cross
The Rangers summon the Sword of Power

In the Dark Dimension, Tommy was compelled to hand the Sword of Power to Robogoat, becoming free of Goldar’s mind control. Realising what he had been made to do, Tommy morphed and prepared to fix his mistake.


Battle for the Sword of Power

Robogoat goaded the Green Ranger into a battle in a quarry, with the Sword of Power laying in the rocks nearby. As the Green Ranger outmaneuvered Robogoat, he managed to recover the sword but it quickly transformed into a crooked wooden stick; an illusion to trick him into wasting his energy.

Battle for the Sword
Green Ranger retrieves the fake Sword

Having gained the upper hand, Robogoat quickly defeated the Green Ranger, knocking him over a cliff with a hit from the Sword of Power. Laying in the gravel at the bottom of the quarry with his powers drained and failing, the Green Ranger was no longer in a position to help the Rangers recover the Sword of Power.

With the Sword of Power in Robogoat’s possession, the remaining five Rangers attempted in vain to fight the monster. Robogoat was able to use the Sword of Power to fire orange energy blasts at the Rangers, knocking them to the ground. Using the Sword of Power, Robogoat was able to split the ground open, causing four of the Rangers to fall into the chasm.

Battle for the Sword
Robogoat squares off against the Rangers

With the team captured, Robogoat used the Sword of Power to fight against the Red Ranger alone, who was armed with his Power Sword. The Red Ranger was able to disarm Robogoat allowing Zordon to teleport the Sword of Power back to the safety of the Command Center. Following the defeat of the Robogoat, the Sword of Power was never seen again. [MMPR2: “The Green Dream“]