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Power Sword

The Power Sword was the personal Power Weapon of the Red Mighty Morphin Power Ranger.
First seen Teamwork
Last seen Dimensions in Danger
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Power Rangers Super Megaforce
Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel

The Power Weapons

When the Power Rangers when up against Rita’s menacing Minotaur, they found that they were outmatched even in their Megazord. Observing them through the Viewing Globe, Zordon ordered the Rangers to return to the Command Center.

Receiving the Power Sword
Receiving the Power Sword

Confused and concerned, the Rangers asked Zordon to explain what was happening. Zordon informed the Rangers that the Zords had been returned to their hiding places and that they would need new weapons to confront the Minotaur. Zordon teleported a Power Weapon into the hands of each Ranger. The Red Ranger received the Power Sword, which Zordon described as the key to all the weapons’ power. Zordon explain that using the weapons together, the Rangers would be unstoppable.

The Rangers returned to the battlefield and faced the Minotaur. The Power Sword was teleported into the Red Ranger’s hands in a flash of red light. The Red Ranger struck the Minotaur with the Power Sword so hard that the monster flew backwards and fell to the ground.

The Power Blaster

Zordon explained to the Rangers that the Power Weapons could be combined to form a single, powerful weapon. The Power Sword was placed on top of the new weapon called the Power Blaster. [MMPR1: “Teamwork“]

Teleporting through the Power Sword
Teleporting through the Power Sword

When Zordon instructed Alpha to send the Power Crystals to the Red Ranger through the Morphin Grid, the resulting teleportation beam shot out from the end of the Power Sword and into the side of a cliff face, which then collapsed. [MMPR1: “A Pressing Engagement“]


Powers and attacks

The Power Sword could be charged with energy. When the Red Ranger faced the Green Ranger in a final battle, he was able to move his hand across the length of the blade to infuse it with power.

Red Ranger charges the Power Sword
Red Ranger charges the Power Sword

Now glowing red, the Power Sword was thrown across the battlefield at incredible speed, knocking both the Dragon Dagger and the Sword of Darkness out of the hands of the Green Ranger. [MMPR1: “Green With Evil, Part V“]

The Red Ranger claimed that the Green Ranger was better with a sword, and so offered him the Power Sword to defend himself again the attacking Titanus. Now armed with the Power Sword and the Dragon Dagger, the Green Ranger crossed the blades of both to cause a yellow energy bolt to materialize and subsequently fire at Titanus. [MMPR1: “Gung Ho!“]

Attacking Titanus with the Power Sword
Attacking Titanus with the Power Sword

The Power Sword could also be used to create a charged blade attack, which was used to destroy the Cardiatron. [MMPR1: “Birds of a Feather“] In the battle with the Polluticorn, the Red Ranger was able to charge the Power Sword, Dragon Dagger and Dragon Shield with red, green and gold energy that was powerful enough to slice through the Polluticorn’s horn, which was the source of its power. [MMPR1: “Clean-Up Club“]

When Rita later used the Badges of Darkness to once again transform a band of Putty Patrollers into evil copies of the Power Rangers, Zordon stated that the Rangers would require new weapons to combat them, including the Power Sword. Designed and built by Alpha 5, these weapons were identical in appearance to the existing Power Weapons, but significantly enhanced in durability. [MMPR1: “Mighty Morphin’ Mutants“]

Whilst the Power Sword was commonly used against monsters, it was also used to fight common Putty Patrollers. [MMPR1: “Something Fishy“, “To Flea or Not to Flee“] The Power Sword was able to cause enough damage to the Robogoat to cause it to release the other Rangers that it had captured. [MMPR2: “The Green Dream“]

The Lipsyncher is cut
The Lipsyncher is cut

In an uncharacteristic move, the Red Ranger threw his Power Sword at the Lipsyncer monster, hitting her in the face so hard that her cheek was cut. [MMPR2: “Two For One“] When trapped in the Spectre Theater, the Power Weapons were unable to be summoned. [MMPR2: “The Wedding, Part I“]

With the Rangers now using the Power of the Zeo Crystal, their Mighty Morphin weapons now adorned the rear wall of the Power Chamber collected in a central display. However, it is unclear if this was the real weapon or merely a replica. [PRZ: “A Zeo Beginning, Part II”]


Legendary Power

The Power Sword was usable through the Red Mighty Morphin Ranger key, which allowed Troy Burrows to transform into the Red Ranger.

Legendary Power Sword
Legendary Power Sword

In his Legendary Mode, Troy attempted to use the Power Sword to combat the Matacore monster. [PRSM: “Samurai Surprise”]