Ninja Ultrazord

The Ninja Ultrazord was the combination of the Ninja MegaFalconzord and Titanus. It was used to destroy the Face Stealer monster.
First seen Final Face-Off
Last seen Final Face-Off
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Height 81.3 m
Weight 9210 tons

The Legend of the Face Stealer

Over five thousand years ago, the people of the nation of Kahmala were terrorised by a created called Face Stealer once a year on the day of the fourth full moon. The Face Stealer would descend from the sky and rob people of their faces, leaving them without souls. A group of brave warriors used enchanted face masks for protection against the Face Stealer. Thanks to the masks, the warriors were able to defeat the Face Stealer and capture its spirit in an urn where it would remain for eternity. In 1995, inspired by the legend, Rita Repulsa sent Rito Revolto to unleash the Face Stealer by capturing his urn.

Zordon recognised that the Face Stealer was clearly a dangerous monster, stating the Rangers would need the added power of Titanus to defeat him. Alpha 5 made the necessary modifications to Titanus to accommodate the Ninja Ultrazord, telling Zordon that Titanus was now ready for battle. Zordon instructed Adam and Aisha to call on the power of the new combination if necessary, describing it as the ultimate in battle weaponry.

The Zord was controlled from the same cockpit used to pilot the Ninja Megazord and Ninja MegaFalconzord. Located in the Crane Ninjazord, the cockpit was a large area with a large viewing window at its front. The walls of the Zord were adorned with flashing status indicators and controls as well as colored panels to indicate which Ranger was responsible for operating that section.

Power of the Ninja Ultrazord

In order to allow the Ninja MegaFalconzord to dock, Titanus separated and moved its tail into position as two shoulder-mounted cannons at either side of the Zord. The forward section of Titanus folded outwards to allow for the chest plate of Dragonzord to move into its place. Unlike the original Ultrazord, Titanus’s paws remained in place covering its massive forward wheels.

With Ninja Ultrazord formed, the giant machine was able to roll towards its target firing a barrage of energy blasts from its cannons and mouth, which were able to destroy the Face Stealer. [MMPR3: “Final Face Off“]