Firebird Thunderzord 

The Firebird Thunderzord was the personal Zord of the Pink Mighty Morphin Power Ranger. Built from the remains of the Pterodactyl Dinozord, it could combine with the other Thunderzords to form the Thunder Megazord.
First seen The Mutiny, Part II
Last seen Ninja Quest, Part I
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Length 24 m
Width 30 m
Weight 35 tons
Speed Mach 4

The Power of Thunder

Lord Zedd’s Pirantishead monster was able to use its powers to freeze four of the Dinozords, including the Pterodactyl. However, Zordon had anticipated Lord Zedd’s return and along with Alpha 5, was able to prepare a second phase of Zord operation. Recalling the Rangers to the Command Center, Zordon explained that nothing they could do would ever give the Dinozords enough power and that they would now need stronger, new Zords equipped with the power of Thunder to combat Lord Zedd.

Standing on the rocks outside of the Command Center, the Rangers were introduced to the image of their new fleet of Thunderzords as they flew through the sky. Zordon described the Firebird as powerful and agile. The Firebird would be piloted by the Pink Ranger. However, the Rangers would need to regain control of the Dinozords before taking control of the new Thunderzords. [MMPR2: “The Mutiny, Part II“]

The Firebird Thunderzord

As the Rangers scrambled to regain control of their Zords, Lord Zedd stripped the Zords of their power and sank them into lava under the Earth. Alpha 5 recalibrated the Morphin Grid to encase the Zords with static power, giving them time to return the Zords to their hiding places. With the Dinozords saved, Zordon and Alpha 5 were able to use their remains to create the new Thunderzords. The Pterodactyl Dinozord was used to create the Firebird Thunderzord.

Upon summoning, the Pterodactyl was struck by lightning which caused the Dinozord to morph and reform into the Firebird Thunderzord. The Firebird was in the form of a large bird, with articulated wings and neck. The Zord was mostly red in color, save for some black and gold highlights. The tail of the Zord was a solid golden trident piece. The head of the Firebird featured an elongated crown with golden highlights. The cockpit of the Zord was never shown but is assumed to exist. The Firebird would form the armored wasit of the Thunder Megazord, to which the Thunder Saber would attach. [MMPR2: “The Mutiny, Part III“]

Powers and abilities

The Firebird could join with the other Thunderzords to form new combinations. Joining with the Unicorn, Griffin and Lion Thunderzords, the group were able to create a flying armored tank known as the Thunderzord Assault Team. In this combination, the Zord would dock atop a column at the rear of the tank. [MMPR2: “Putty on the Brain“]

When those Zords were joined with the White Tigerzord, a new combination called Mega Tigerzord was formed. In this combination, the Firebird acted as a gauntlet, wrapping around the right wrist section of the Zord. The Mega Tigerzord could launch the Firebird as a projectile, charging it with so much energy that it became engulfed in flame, allowing it to pierce through multiple giant sized monsters in a single shot, destroying them. [MMPR2: “White Light, Part II“]

The Firebird could mount a small offensive individually. Spinning around created a vortex of energy which could be transformed into a pink tornado that could be directed towards an enemy. This vortex was was strong enough to lift monsters like Lipsyncer off her feet and to the ground. [MMPR2: “Two for One“]

The Firebird was capable of either autonomous or remote control. During the confrontation with the Cactus Monster, the Zord was able to be summoned and transformed to Mega Tigerzord despite the Pink Ranger’s absence.  [MMPR2: “Wild West Rangers, Part II“]

Fate of the Firebird Thunderzord

The Firebird Thunderzord was used successfully for the first year of Lord Zedd’s assault on Angel Grove but would not survive for longer. During the confrontation against Rito Revolto, the Firebird, assembled in Thunder Megazord form, was outnumbered against Rito and his monster gang.

The damaged Thunderzord power accelerator was at peak level due to the power bank leaking energy, despite Alpha 5’s best efforts to contain it. With the unstable power accelerator beyond limits, the Firebird, along with the other Thunderzords began to explode and fall apart piece by piece, with no way to revitalise them. [MMPR3: “Ninja Quest, Part I“]