Mega Tigerzord 

The Mega Tigerzord was the Megazord formed of the White Tigerzord and the Thunderzord Assault Team. It could propel the Firebird Thunderzord at a speed great enough to destroy giant-sized monsters.
First seen White Light, Part II
Last seen Wild West Rangers, Part II
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Height 63 m
Weight 336 tons

Mega Tigerzord power

As the White Ranger battled against the Nimrod monster with the Tigerzord Warrior Mode, Zordon advised that he would reconfigure the other Thunderzords to allow them all to combine to create a new formation; the Mega Tigerzord. The White Ranger was able to order the combination sequence from inside the cockpit of the Tigerzord. Soon after, the Thunderzord Assault Team joined the Tigerzord Warrior Mode, each transforming to combine with the White Ranger’s Zord.

As with the Thunder Megazord, the Griffin and Unicorn Thunderzords formed the left and right legs respectively of the combination. The Lion Thunderzord joined to the rear, forming protecting armor to the aft and shoulder sections whilst the Firebird acted as a gauntlet, wrapping around the right wrist section of the Zord. The cockpit of the Zord was never shown.

Powers and abilities

In this combination, the Mega Tigerzord could launch the Firebird as a projectile, charging it with so much energy that it became engulfed in flame, allowing it to pierce through multiple giant sized monsters like Nimrod, AC and DC in a single shot, destroying them. [MMPR2: “White Light, Part II“]

Whilst this attack was strong enough Cannontop [MMPR2: “Scavenger Hunt“] and Needlenose [MMPR2: “Wild West Rangers, Part II“], it was easily deflected by the Four Head monster. [MMPR2: “A Monster of Global Proportions“]

The Firebird appeared to be capable of either autonomous or remote control. During the confrontation with the Needlenose, the Zord was able to be summoned and transformed to Mega Tigerzord despite the Pink Ranger’s absence.

The Zord was able to generate a large red shield in front of its chest. This shield was able to reflect incoming projectiles like the barrage of spiked cacti thrown by Needlenose. [MMPR2: “Wild West Rangers, Part II“]

Fate of the Thunderzords

During the confrontation against Rito Revolto, the Thunderzords were outnumbered against Rito and his monster gang. The damaged Thunderzord power accelerator was at peak level due to the power bank leaking energy, despite Alpha 5’s best efforts to contain it. With the unstable power accelerator beyond limits, the Thunderzords began to explode and fall apart piece by piece, with no way to revitalise them. [MMPR3: “Ninja Quest, Part I“]