Badges of Darkness

The Badges of Darkness were powerful psuedomorphing devices that could allow Putty Patrollers to morph into evil mirror images of the Power Rangers. 
First seen Mighty Morphin’ Mutants
Last seen Mighty Morphin’ Mutants
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

The Badges of Darkness

In early 1994, Rita decided to utilise her Badges of Darkness to fight the Power Rangers. Rita had kept the Badges of Darkness in her dungeon and planned to use them to turn her pathetic Putties into Mutant Rangers. The Badge of Darkness were six round devices that appeared to be made out of stone. Each Badge featured an upside down pentagram with a blue jewel at its center, similar to the belt buckles of the Putty Patrollers. The Badges appeared to have a small handle at their rear, which would fold out in the same manner as the Power Morphers.

Goldar hands out the Badges of Darkness
Goldar hands out the Badges of Darkness

Training the Putties

Goldar took six Putties to the beachfront to engage in a series of physical tests and training. However, only five of the six were deemed worthy and completed their training, with the sixth Putty being sent back to the clay jar on Finster’s workbench. Goldar stated that with the Badges of Darkness, the Putties would become the evil twin of a Power Ranger.

With no Putty suitable to become the Red Ranger, Goldar crushed the last Badge of Darkness in his hand, whilst the Putties transformed into Mutant Rangers. The Green and Pink Mutant Rangers launched an early attack on Tommy and Kimberly with their Badges.

Pink and Green Mutant Rangers
Pink and Green Mutant Rangers

Powers and abilities

As the Rangers retreated to the Command Center, Zordon expressed a familiarity with the Badges of Darkness, explaining that the Badges were powerful psuedomorphing devices. As the Rangers confronted the Putty Patrol at the beach, they witnessed them morph with the Badges into the Mutant Rangers.

Putties morph with the Badges of Darkness

The Badges of Darkness gave the Putties the ability to mimic the voices of each equivalent Power Ranger. Naturally, they were able to fight in the same style of each Ranger as well as equip themselves with a dark version of each Ranger’s Power Weapon. The Green Mutant Ranger was equipped with a sword that appeared to be identical to Rita’s Sword of Darkness.

The Mutant Rangers did not possess Blade Blasters or holster. Additionally, each Mutant Ranger was distinguishable from a real Power Ranger by its dark grey gloves, belts and boots.

The Blue Mutant Ranger
The Blue Mutant Ranger

The Pink and Yellow Mutants, along with their Badges appeared to be destroyed by the new Power Blaster, whilst the Blue, Black and Green Mutant Rangers were destroyed by the Ultrazord. [MMPR1: “Mighty Morphin’ Mutants“]