Power Crystals

The Power Crystals were the crystal forms of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Power Coins that contained the essence of their morphing powers.
First seen Day of the Dumpster (controls)
A Pressing Engagement (crystals)
Last seen Enter… the Lizzinator (crystals)
An Oyster Stew (controls
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Taking Control

When the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers first took control of their Dinozords, they found small, colored control sticks already inserted in each Dinozord cockpit. These control sticks allowed the Rangers to operate functions of the individual Dinozords as well as the Megazord. [MMPR1: “Day of the Dumpster“]

When the Red Ranger would next use his Dinozord against Rita’s Giant, he controlled his Dinozord with the control panel alone, the control stick absent. [MMPR1: “High Five“]

Summoning the Power Crystals

Trini summons her Power Crystal
Trini summons her Power Crystal

A short time later, the Red Ranger was trapped alone to fight both a giant sized Goldar and King Sphinx. Zordon informed the Rangers that they would be able to use their Power Crystals to help Jason.

Alpha 5 instructed each Ranger to place each of their hands together to summon these Power Crystals. As each Ranger parted their hands, a glowing triangle of light appeared between them before taking a solid form. This solid form was recognisable as the control sticks that had been present in their Dinozords when the Rangers first boarded them.

Zordon explained that the Power Crystals contained the essences of the Rangers’ morphing powers. Not only could these crystals be used to find each other in any peril, but they could also be used with their Zords to draw power from the very heart of the Morphing Grid.

The Power of the Crystals

Each crystal was in the color of each Ranger and appeared to be translucent. The base of each crystal appeared to have either the Rangers actual Power Coin or a representation of their Power Coin. The crystal tapered to a soft point.

Alpha teleports the Power Crystals
Alpha teleports the Power Crystals

Zordon revealed that he intended to send the Crystals to the Red Ranger, which, once in his possession, would allow the other Rangers to join him in the battle against Goldar and King Sphinx.

Alpha presented a small leather sack bearing a bronze Z symbol, into which each Ranger placed their crystal.

Zordon instructed Alpha to tap the Morphing Grid and teleport the sack to the Red Ranger through his Power Sword. As Alpha held the sack in his hands, it became engulfed in white energy as it disappeared.

Helping hands

On the battlefield, the Red Ranger’s Power Sword glowed white and lighting appeared to leap from the tip of the blade, striking a nearby cliff face which subsequently collapsed.

The Power Crystals are discovered
The Power Crystals are discovered

Spotting a glowing light in the rubble, the Red Ranger dashed towards the rocks and dug out the leather sack containing the Power Crystals. As he picked it up, the sack now appeared to have the symbol of the five Power Coins, which glowed as it was uncovered. Opening it, the Red Ranger appeared to be pleased to recognise the contents of the sack as Power Crystals. The sack also now included his own red crystal.

Red Rangers recognises the Power Crystals
Red Rangers recognises the Power Crystals

As the Red Ranger threw the four other Power Crystals into the air, they appeared to transform into streaks of light which coalesced into the four other Power Rangers, who ran to join him in the battle. The Red Ranger summoned the Dinozords and the Rangers each leapt inside their cockpits. Armed with the Power Crystals, each inserted their crystal into a port on the right-hand side of the cockpit controls.

As they formed Megazord Tank Mode, the Rangers used the power of the crystals to fire an energy attack from the eyes of the Zords. [MMPR1: “A Pressing Engagement“]


Powering the Zords

Inserting the Power Crystal
Inserting the Power Crystal

In normal battle, the Rangers would summon their Power Crystals from their Power Coins. From within their Dinozord cockpit, each Ranger would remove their Power Coin from their Power Morpher.

Holding the coin in their right hand, they would slide their left hand away from it, causing the crystal to form in the space between them. The Rangers would then be able to insert the fully formed Power Crystal into the control panel of each Dinozord.

This would become standard practice through the lifespan of the Dinozords. [MMPR1: “Different Drum“]