Dino Megazord Tank Mode

The Megazord Tank Mode was the rolling form of the Dinozords. Armed with a large cannons, it was capable of stunning giant sized monsters.
First seen Day of the Dumpster
Last seen Mighty Morphin Mutants
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Length 52 m
Height 24 m
Weight 570 tons
Speed 300 km/h

Forming Tank Mode

Soon after facing Goldar in their first battle, the Rangers called upon the power of the Dinozords. After taking control of the Zords for the first time, the Red Ranger ordered Megazord power. Each of the Dinozords then began to assemble into the Dino Megazord Tank Mode. To combine, the Mastodon Dinozord would attach to the rear of the Tyrannosaurus, which would then dock with the Triceratops and Saber-toothed Tiger, which acted as the wheels of the tank. Finally, the Pterodactyl would perch at the top of the Tyrannosaurus.

Piloting Dino Megazord Tank Mode

The Tank Mode was controlled by the Rangers who would pilot the machine from a cockpit located within the head of the Tyrannosaurus. This was the cockpit that would also be used to pilot the Megazord. The cockpit was confined, surrounded by metal walls on three sides with a glass canopy screen which allowed visibility of the outside. The rear of the cockpit was adorned with a large red and white illuminated symbol featuring the combined elements of the Power Coin designs.

The Zord had control scheme that was similar to that of the individual Dinozords. Each pilot had a small panel with two black colored controls each molded in shape to allow a hand to grasp it. The right-hand control had a port in the center into which the Power Crystal could be inserted, which was then slid into the center position of each control panel. Above the controls were three circular symbols featuring the a Ranger’s helmet, their Dinozord and the Power Coin symbol.

When the Rangers first took control of the Dinozords, the Yellow Ranger remarked that she seemed to be able to operate her Zord, despite not having any prior experience. The Blue Ranger also mentioned that operating his Zord seemed like second nature to him. Given the level of proficiency demonstrated by each of the other Rangers over their Zords, it seems that the knowledge required to pilot them was part of their powers.

Rangers in the Tank Mode cockpit
Rangers in the Tank Mode cockpit

Powers and attacks

The tank was able to deploy an eyebolt attack. The eyebolt attack would see Ranger-colored bolts of energy fire from the eyes from each of the Dinozords. When used against Goldar, it was strong enough to knock him backwards and to the ground. [MMPR1: “Day of the Dumpster“]

The tank mode utilised two large cannons as the main form of offense. These cannons were formed from the main arms of the Mastodon. The cannons were never shown to be powerful enough to destroy a monster but were able to momentarily stun them each time they were used, including Goldar, King Sphinx, Eye Guy, Pineoctopus, Dark Warrior and Fighting Flea.

In late 1993, Zordon equipped the Zords with a new security system designed to protect them from destruction if they ever lost in battle. The system would disassemble the Zords piece by piece and return them to their secret hiding places to re-energize them. [MMPR1: “Doomsday, Part II“]