Dragonzord Fighting Mode 

Dragonzord Fighting Mode was the Megazord formed from the Dragonzord, Mastodon, Triceratops and Saber-toothed Tiger Dinozords. It was armed with a large staff with a drill at its tip.
First seen Green With Evil, Part V
Last seen Doomsday, Part II (used)
Return of an Old Friend, Part II (transformation)
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Height 43 m
Weight 560 tons

Joining the team

Dragonzord Fighting Mode transformed
Dragonzord Fighting Mode transformed

Following the joining of the Green Ranger to the Power Ranger team, Zordon explained that Dragonzord could combine with the Mastodon, Triceratops and Saber-toothed Tiger Dinozords to form a new combination, which Zordon referred to as Dragonzord in Fighting Mode. The formation would later be referred to as Dragonzord Battle Mode by Alpha 5 and erroneously referred to as Mega Dragonzord by the Red Ranger.

This new combination was also equipped with a large Power Staff formed out of the Dragonzord’s chestplate with the Dragonzord tail, which when combined was talled that the Zord itself. [MMPR1: “Green with Evil, Part V“]

Controlling the Zord

When the Spidertron was able to overcome both the Megazord and Dragonzord with its webs, the Red Ranger called for the Mega Dragonzord, and the Black, Yellow and Blue Rangers formed the Dragonzord Fighting Mode for the first time.

When it was completed, the three Rangers piloted it from a cockpit which was very similar to the normal Megazord cockpit but lacked a dinosaur insignia on the rear wall. This cockpit was presumably in the head of the Dragonzord as the upper bulkhead above the window was black in color.

Fighting Mode was able to charge its staff and drill through the Spidertron, causing the monster to explode. [MMPR1: “Itsy Bitsy Spider“]

In all subsequent battles, the Fighting Mode combination would be piloted by all five Rangers in the cockpit, just as they would for Megazord. [MMPR1: “The Spit Flower“]

Power and attacks

The Zord was able to use the fin atop its head as a projectile weapon. When in battle against Rita’s Frankenstein monster, the fin was charged with blue energy before being launched towards the monster.

However, the Frankenstein monster was able to deflect the attack back towards the Zord. Despite this, the monster was not able to withstand an attack by the Power Staff. [MMPR1: “Life’s a Masquerade“]

The Power Staff was also effective against the Babe Ruthless monster. When the monster created a poisonous cloud of pink gas, the Zord was able to utilise the Power Staff to generate a forcefield that kept the gas at bay. [MMPR1: “A Star is Born“]

In late 1993, Zordon equipped the Zords with a new security system designed to protect them from destruction if they ever lost in battle. The system would disassemble the Zords piece by piece and return them to their secret hiding places to re-energize them. [MMPR1: “Doomsday, Part II“]