Triceratops Dinozord 

The Triceratops Dinozord was the personal zord of the Blue Mighty Morphin Power Ranger, which could join with the other Dinozords to form the Megazord.

First seen Day of the Dumpster
Last seen The Mutiny, Part III (used), Ninja Quest, Part I (Thunderzord form)
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Length 37.3 m
Height 11 m
Weight 141 tons
Speed 140 km/h

Discovering the Triceratops

Shortly after Zordon instructed Alpha 5 to recruit five teenagers to become Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, he would go on to assign each of them a Dinozord. Zordon assigned the Triceratops Dinozord to Billy, who would become the Blue Ranger. Soon after facing Goldar in their first battle, the Rangers called upon the power of the Dinozords. The Triceratops Dinozord appeared from a hiding place in sandy desert location.

The Zord was mostly blue in color save for some white highlights on the body and head. The head of the Zord featured two large silver horns. The main body of the Zord sported two pairs of tank treads positioned underneath retractable bulkheads. The rear of the Zord was finished with a long silver pronged tail. 

Taking Control

The Triceratops Dinozord was controlled by the Blue Ranger who would pilot it from an internal cockpit. Leaping into the air, the Blue Ranger could access the cockpit of the Zord through a hatch allowing him to drop into the pilot’s chair. The cockpit was small, surrounded by metal walls on three sides with a glass canopy screen which allowed visibility of the outside. The rear of the cockpit was adorned with a large blue and white illuminated symbol identical to the one on the Blue Ranger’s Triceratops Power Coin.

The Zord had a standard control scheme that was similar to that of the other Dinozords. At the front of the cockpit was a small panel with two black colored controls each molded in shape to allow a hand to grasp it. The Blue Ranger would log on to take control of the Zord by gripping the controls, which would emit a chirping beep in response.

The right-hand control had a port in the center into which the Power Crystal could be inserted. Above the controls were three circular symbols featuring the Blue Ranger’s helmet, the Triceratops Dinozord and the Triceratops symbol.

When the Rangers first took control of the Dinozords, the Yellow Ranger remarked that she seemed to be able to operate her Zord, despite not having any prior experience. The Blue Ranger also mentioned that operating his Zord seemed like second nature to him. Given the level of proficiency demonstrated by each of the other Rangers over their Zords, it seems that the knowledge required to pilot them was part of their powers. [MMPR1: “Day of the Dumpster“]

Powers and abilities

When the Rangers combined their Dinozords to form the Megazord Tank Mode, the Triceratops Dinozord formed the left wheeled section of the formation and the subsequent left leg of the Megazord.

When attacking alone, the Triceratops could also rotate its tail so that it could utilise it as a forward-facing cannon. The horns of the Triceratops could be deployed as grapples called Power Hooks, which could be used to restrain giant-sized monsters like the Minotaur [MMPR1: “Teamwork“] and the Pineoctopus. [MMPR1: “No Clowning Around“]

In late 1993, Zordon equipped the Zords with a new security system designed to protect them from destruction if they ever lost in battle. The system would disassemble the Zords piece by piece and return them to their secret hiding places to re-energize them. [MMPR1: “Doomsday, Part II“]

Powering the Thunderzords

Lord Zedd’s Pirantishead monster was able to use its powers to freeze four of the Dinozords, including the Triceratops. [MMPR2: “The Mutiny, Part I“] As the Rangers scrambled to regain control of their Zords, Lord Zedd stripped the Zords of their power and sank them into lava under the Earth.

Alpha 5 recalibrated the Morphin Grid to encase the Zords with static power, giving them time to return the Zords to their hiding places. With the Dinozords saved, Zordon and Alpha were able to use their remains to create the new Thunderzords.

The Triceratops Dinozord was used to create the Unicorn Thunderzord. Upon summoning, the Triceratops was struck by lightning which caused the Dinozord to morph and reform into the Unicorn Thunderzord. [MMPR2: “The Mutiny, Part III“] The Unicorn Thunderzord was used successfully for the first year of Lord Zedd’s assault on Angel Grove, but was ultimately destroyed in the battle against Rito Revolto. [MMPR3: “Ninja Quest, Part I“]