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Dragon Shield

The Dragon Shield was the golden chest armor of the Green Ranger which could also be shared with other Power Rangers on request. 
First seen Green With Evil, Part I
Last seen Dimensions in Danger
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Power Rangers Dino Thunder
Power Rangers Super Megaforce
Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel

The Dragon Shield

The powers of the Green Ranger were bestowed upon Tommy Oliver by Rita Repulsa so that he could be used as a warrior to defeat the Power Rangers. When Tommy transformed for the first time, his Ranger suit was distinctive in that it included a large golden chest armor as well as other golden trims on his boots and gloves. The armor draped of the shoulders of the Green Ranger partially covering both the front and back of his torso, curving at the peaks of the shoulders. The armor featured a raised collar and four pronounced ridges on either side.


The front of the armor was embellished with a large golden diamond shape that aligned with the normal white diamond shape found on the Ranger suit.The diamond featured four forked markings at each corner, marked in black. The outer diamond shape was separated from the inner diamond by a thick black border. The armor was secured with two straps that passed under each arm of the Ranger.

The armor also featured two armbands that wrapped around each arm, just above the elbow of the Ranger. However, it was not clear what the function of the armbands was, if there even was any at all. [MMPR1: “Green With Evil, Part I“]  

Defensive capabilities

This armor did not appear to be simply decorative in nature. When the Green Ranger was engaged in a one-on-one battle with the Red Ranger, he was able to play music on his Dragon Dagger that appeared to enhance the protective capabilities of the shield.

As the Red Ranger fired with his Blade Blaster, the golden diamond on the Green Ranger’s shield glowed blue and reflected each of the energy blasts. [MMPR1: “Green With Evil, Part V“] The ability was seldom used, perhaps due to a combination of Rita’s forces preferring to utilise melee attacks over energy projections and the time required to activity the feature.  

Sharing the shield

The shield could be transferred from the Green Ranger to another. When Tommy and Jason were attempting to retrieve a set of special weapons that were being protected by Titanus, Tommy was able to loan his shield to Jason.

Placing his hand on the Red Ranger’s chest, the shield of the Green Ranger glowed gold and flowed through his arm to materialise on the Red Ranger, although the armbands did not transfer. Now wearing the shield, the Red Ranger was able to withstand Titanus’s fireballs as they appeared to simply bounce off of the shield. When the two Rangers returned to Angel Grove, the Green Ranger was once again wearing his shield. [MMPR1: “Gung Ho!“]

When Rita attempted to use the Green Candle to reclaim the powers of the Green Ranger, Tommy was forced to pass his Power Coin to Jason to prevent the transfer back to Rita. In doing so, the shield and armbands transferred from the Green Ranger to the Red Ranger, who would now be able to summon the armor at will. Shortly after this transfer, Tommy demorphed and was no longer able to utilise his powers. [MMPR1: “The Green Candle, Part II“]

Rita would later place a weakness spell on the Dragonzord. The Red Ranger tried to use the music of the Dragon Dagger to counteract the spell but was unsuccessful. The Red Ranger summoned the Dragon Shield which subsequently appeared to break the spell. Cardiotron’s attacks were strong enough to cause visible damage to the shield, which was visibly charred and smoking for a short time. [MMPR1: “Birds of a Feather“]

The Dragon Shield was strong enough the reflect the energy attacks of the Polluticorn. The Dragon Shield could also be used to create a charged attack. In the battle with the Polluticorn, the Red Ranger was able to charge the Power Sword, Dragon Dagger and Dragon Shield with red, green and gold energy that was powerful enough to slice through the Polluticorn’s horn, which was the source of its power. [MMPR1: “Clean-Up Club“]  

Healing Powers

In addition to protection, the Dragon Shield also appeared to possess restorative properties and could heal the wearer of small injuries.

When Zack was injured in the battle with Oysterizer, Tommy transferred his shield and armbands to the Black Ranger, stating that its powers would not only heal him but also give him energy. The Black Ranger appeared to quickly recover from his injuries and was able to deliver a powerful double-punch that knocked the Oysterizer back into the ocean. [MMPR1: “An Oyster Stew“]


Fakes and copies

When the Green Ranger powers were finally extinguished, the Dragon Shield was no longer able to be summoned by any Ranger. However, the shield was seen again when the Wizard of Deception created a clone of Tommy who once again possessed the powers of the Green Ranger. [MMPR2: “Return of the Green Ranger, Part II“]

The White Ranger later appeared to strip the Green Ranger clone of his powers using the wand captured from the defeated Wizard. As the White Ranger touched the wand to the Dragon Shield, the Green Ranger demorphed into his human form. [MMPR2: “Return of the Green Ranger, Part III“]

The shield was present when the White Ranger encountered a hallucination of the Green Ranger along with the other Power Rangers in the Caves of Deception beneath Zedd’s moon palace. Charging at the White Ranger, the vision quickly vanished as Tommy realised it was a fake. [MMPR3: “Master Vile and the Metallic Armor, Part II“]

Many years later, Tommy was rendered comatose following the shattering of his Dino Gem. From his hospital bed, Tommy dreamed that he fought his former Ranger forms, including his Green Ranger form, who was once again wearing his Dragon Shield. [PRDT: “Fighting Spirit”]  

The Master Morpher

Ten years later during Prince Vekar’s invasion of Earth, Tommy led a team of Legendary Rangers in a final battle against the invading forces, now inexplicably able to transform into the Green Ranger including his Dragon Shield, despite the powers being destroyed. [PRSM: “Legendary Battle”]

Five years after the events of Vekar’s invasion, Tommy was shown using his Master Morpher to transform into the Green Ranger. As before, the Green Ranger wore his Dragon Shield, which was used in battle against the Black Dino Thunder Ranger clone. [PRSNSt: “Dimensions in Danger”]