Power Lance

The Power Lance was the personal Power Weapon of the Blue Mighty Morphin Power Ranger.
First seen Teamwork
Last seen Rangers Back in Time, Part II
Samurai Surprise (Legendary mode)
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Power Rangers Super Megaforce

The Power Weapons

When the Power Rangers when up against Rita’s menacing Minotaur, they found that they were outmatched even in their Megazord. Observing them through the Viewing Globe, Zordon ordered the Rangers to return to the Command Center.

Receiving the Power Lance
Receiving the Power Lance

Confused and concerned, the Rangers asked Zordon to explain what was happening. Zordon informed the Rangers that the Zords had been returned to their hiding places and that they would need new weapons to confront the Minotaur.

Zordon teleported a Power Weapon into the hands of each Ranger. The Blue Ranger received the Power Lance, which Zordon described as a weapon of great power and range. Zordon explain that using the weapons together, the Rangers would be unstoppable.

The Rangers returned to the battlefield and faced the Minotaur. The Power Lance was teleported into the Blue Ranger’s hands in a flash of blue light. The Blue Ranger strike the Minotaur with the Power Lance so hard that the monster stumbled backwards.


The Power Blaster

Zordon explained to the Rangers that the Power Weapons could be combined to form a single, powerful weapon. The Power Bow was turned on its side to form the main spine of the new weapon called the Power Blaster.

The seperated Power Lance
The seperated Power Lance

The Power Lance could separate into two distinct weapons.  Additionally, these two weapons could reduce the size of their handles to approximately 12″ long, allowing them the clearance required to connect to the Power Blaster. The Power Lance would each connect to the underside of the Power Bow on either side of the Power Axe. When the Power Blaster was fired, pink and yellow energy was emitted from each of the apertures at the bottom of the Power Lance, appearing to be channeled from the Black and Blue Rangers weapons. [MMPR1: “Teamwork“]

Blue Ranger summons the Power Lance
Blue Ranger summons the Power Lance

The Power Lance was strong enough to cause so much damage to the Eye Guy monster’s main eye that it exploded. [MMPR1: “I, Eye Guy“]

The Blue Ranger appeared to determine which mode to use his lance in based on the monster he was fighting, choosing to use the lance’s dual form against Nasty Knight and the Spit Flower. [MMPR1: “Happy Birthday, Zack“, “The Spit Flower“]

Finding himself surrounded by Super Putties, the Blue Ranger used the Power Lance to knock back the group. [MMPR1: “Rita’s Seed of Evil“]


Lancing impressions

A strike from the Power Lance was enough to destroy the Putty Patroller who was masquerading as the Blue Ranger thanks to the Twinman monster. [MMPR1: “A Bad Reflection on You“]

Blue Rangers fighting with the Power Lance
Blue Rangers fighting with the Power Lance

However, when Rita later used the Badges of Darkness to once again transform a band of Putty Patrollers into evil copies of the Power Rangers, Zordon stated that the Rangers would require new weapons to combat them, including the Power Lance. Designed and built by Alpha 5, these weapons were identical in appearance to the existing Power Weapons, but significantly enhanced in durability. [MMPR1: “Mighty Morphin’ Mutants“]

The Power Lance could be thrown through the air with accuracy and power. When facing the Octophantom, the Blue Ranger was able to deal a heavy blow against the monster, just before it was about to capture the Red Ranger. [MMPR2: “The Power Stealer“]

The Power Lance was capable of breaking magically imbued objects such as rope. When Adam and Aisha were tied to a tree by Goldar, the Blue Ranger cut through their restraints with the lance, the blade of weapon glowing blue as cut. [MMPR2: “Goldar’s Vice-Versa“]

Power Lance attacking Octophantom
Power Lance attacking Octophantom

In the fight against the second Dramole monster, a strike from the Power Lance caused the monster to fall over and vanish. [MMPR2: “Rangers Back in Time, Part II“]

When trapped in the Spectre Theater, the Power Weapons were unable to be summoned. [MMPR2: “The Wedding, Part I“]

With the Rangers now using the Power of the Zeo Crystal, their Mighty Morphin weapons now adorned the rear wall of the Power Chamber collected in a central display. However, it is unclear if this was the real weapon or merely a replica. [PRZ: “A Zeo Beginning, Part II”]


Legendary Power

The Power Lance was usable through the Blue Mighty Morphin Ranger key, which allowed Noah Carver to transform into the Blue Ranger.

Legendary Power Lance
Legendary Power Lance

In his Legendary Mode, Noah attempted to use the Power Lance to combat the Matacore monster. Using the range allowed by the length of the lance, he was able to battle for a few short seconds before being knocked to the ground, with the lance vanishing. [PRSM: “Samurai Surprise”]