Power Bow

The Power Bow was the personal Power Weapon of the Pink Mighty Morphin Power Ranger.
First seen Teamwork
Last seen Rangers Back in Time, Part II
Legendary Battle (Legendary mode)
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Power Rangers Super Megaforce

The Power Weapons

When the Power Rangers when up against Rita’s menacing Minotaur, they found that they were outmatched even in their Megazord. Observing them through the Viewing Globe, Zordon ordered the Rangers to return to the Command Center.

Pink Ranger receives the Power Bow
Pink Ranger receives the Power Bow

Confused and concerned, the Rangers asked Zordon to explain what was happening. Zordon informed the Rangers that the Zords had been returned to their hiding places and that they would need new weapons to confront the Minotaur.

Zordon teleported a Power Weapon into the hands of each Ranger. The Pink Ranger received the Power Bow, which Zordon described as accurate and strong. Zordon explain that using the weapons together, the Rangers would be unstoppable.

The Rangers returned to the battlefield and faced the Minotaur. The Power Bow was teleported into the Pink Ranger’s hands in a flash of pink light. The Pink Ranger was able to use an arrow shot from the Power Bow to knock the shield out of the Minotaur’s hand.


The Power Blaster

Zordon explained to the Rangers that the Power Weapons could be combined to form a single, powerful weapon. The Power Bow was turned on its side to form the main spine of the new weapon called the Power Blaster.

The Power Blaster
The Power Blaster

The Power Axe featured a sliding component on the main handle which moved to lock the Power Bow in place when it connected. The Power Daggers and Power Lance would each connect to the underside of the Power Bow.

Although the Bow did not have any barrel or aperture from which to emit energy blasts, when fired, the Power Blaster shot a beam of pink energy from the right-hand side Power Lance aperture. [MMPR1: “Teamwork“]


Power Bow and Arrow

The arrows of the Power Bow were shown to be consistently formidable. Three arrows shot into the neck of the Terror Toad was enough to force him to release four Rangers that he had swallowed. A fourth arrow shot into the monster’s mouth was enough to completely destroy it. The arrow appeared to be able to avoid any obstacles between the bow and the target, even managing to narrowly miss trees in its path. [MMPR1: “Power Rangers Punks“]

Power Bow and arrow
Power Bow and arrow

Zordon stated that the Power Bow would be the only weapon in the Rangers’ arsenal capable of defeating Rita’s Snizzard monster. When faced against the giant snake, the Pink Ranger was able to shoot the zapper apple on the top of its head with an arrow, causing the monsters destruction. [MMPR1: “Foul Play in the Sky“] The usefulness of the Power Bow continued when the Rangers fought the Spit Flower, when an arrow shot into the monsters spit sack disabled its ability to produce more biting bloomers. [MMPR1: “The Spit Flower“]

However, not all monsters were weak to the Power Bow. Scorpina, Goatan, Goo Fish and Mantis were all able to deflect incoming arrows. [MMPR1: “The Rockstar“, “Lions and Blizzards“, “Something Fishy“, “Plague of the Mantis“]

A single arrow from the Power Bow was enough to destroy the Putty Patroller who was masquerading as the Pink Ranger thanks to the Twinman monster. [MMPR1: “A Bad Reflection on You“]

Power Bow ready to fire
Power Bow ready to fire

However, when Rita later used the Badges of Darkness to once again transform a band of Putty Patrollers into evil copies of the Power Rangers, Zordon stated that the Rangers would require new weapons to combat them, including the Power Bow. Designed and built by Alpha 5, these weapons were identical in appearance to the existing Power Weapons, but significantly enhanced in durability. [MMPR1: “Mighty Morphin’ Mutants“]



The Power Bow was not limited to arrows. When faced against the Guitardo monster, the Power Bow was modified to include extra strings which caused the bow to play like a musical harp.

The musically modified Power Bow
The musical modification

Adding strings to the bow had the effect of counteracting Guitardo’s musical attacks and undoing the weight spell placed on the Green Ranger. Additionally, the Power Bow was able to fire the Dragon Dagger in place of an arrow, which subsequently destroyed Guitardo. [MMPR2: “The Song of Guitardo“]

The Pink Ranger would use the Power Bow in the fight against the second Oysterizer monster, which disappeared after an arrow caused the ground around it to explode. [MMPR2: “Rangers Back in Time, Part II“]

When trapped in the Spectre Theater, the Power Weapons were unable to be summoned. [MMPR2: “The Wedding, Part I“]

With the Rangers now using the Power of the Zeo Crystal, their Mighty Morphin weapons now adorned the rear wall of the Power Chamber collected in a central display. However, it is unclear if this was the real weapon or merely a replica. [PRZ: “A Zeo Beginning, Part II”]

Legendary Power

The Power Bow was usable through the Pink Mighty Morphin Ranger key, which allowed Emma Goodall to transform into the Pink Ranger.

Super Megaforce Pink attacks
Super Megaforce Pink attacks

In her Legendary Mode, Emma summoned Power Bow and used it to fire an arrow of pink energy at the Matacore monster, who easily deflected the blast. Emma attempted to use the bow itself as melee weapon against the monster, who easily batted her aside.

As the Pink Ranger fell to the ground, her Power Bow appeared to vanish from sight. [PRSM: “Samurai Surprise”]