Wolf Ninjazord 

The Wolf Ninjazord was the personal zord of the Blue Mighty Morphin Power Ranger, which could join with the other Ninjazords to form the Ninja Megazord.
First seen Ninja Quest, Part III
Last seen The Sound of Dischordia
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Height 39 m
Weight 1300 tons

The Ninja Quest

Following the destruction of the Thunderzords and the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers powers, Zordon sent the teens on a quest to locate the creator of their Power Coins. Zordon told them of a legendary lost temple hidden beneath the Desert of Despair. Though thought to be lost, Zordon and Alpha 5 possessed a map that they had found when they discovered the original Power Coins. [MMPR3: “Ninja Quest, Part II“]

Following the map through the desert, the teens found themselves in a large oriental garden. Towering over the garden was a temple, it’s gates locked. As the six teen approached, the gates swung open, allowing them to enter. Inside, the teens found Ninjor, who was unreceptive to their pleas for help. Recognising that they did not seek power out of greed, Ninjor agreed to help them in their quest to realise their inherent ninja spirits. Ninjor led the teens in a ceremony, guiding them to their ninja animals.

With the Rangers now in possession of new Ninja Power Coins, Ninjor summoned their new Ninjazords. As the image of the Zords appeared in the sky, he explained that this new fleet of Zords was one of power, grace and beauty. Ninjor explained that the Zords were driven by the force of Ninja, infused with the power of light and strength.

The new Zords were far superior to the Dinozords and Thunderzords of the past. Whereas before, the Ranger power came from the brute strength of the dinosaurs, if would now come from the swift, intelligent cunning of the Ninja. Ninjor told Billy that the silent Wolf Ninjazord’s stealth and accuracy would be an unbeatable combination. [MMPR3: “Ninja Quest, Part III“]

Controlling the Wolf Ninjazord

When summoned, the Wolf Ninjazord was able to run to the city incredibly quickly from its hiding place. The Wolf Ninjazord was so fast that it would sometimes be perceived as a flash of blue light as it bounced off of buildings and structures. The Ninjazord was controlled from an internal cockpit by the Blue Ranger. The cockpit was a small area, accessed from an entry point towards the front-left of the cockpit. The cockpit had a large forward window that was outlined in blue.

The rear wall of the cockpit featured various flashing status indicators and a small, golden illuminated disc that bore the symbol of the Wolf, as was seen on the Blue Ranger’s Ninja Power Coin and Ninja Ranger suit. Like the Thunderzords, the cockpit did not have a seat for its pilot. [MMPR3: “Stop the Hate Master, Part I“]

Powers and abilities

The Wolf could fire blue beams of energy from its red eyes. The Wolf Ninjazord could also leap and spin through the air in order to use its large tail like a sword, striking giant monsters. This same attack was also used as part of the assault to destroy the giant Hate Master monster. [MMPR3: “Stop the Hate Master, Part II“]

The Wolf Ninjazord could combine with the other Ninjazords to form the Ninja Megazord, contributing the left arm of the Ninja Megazord. When Lord Zedd captured the White Ranger’s Falconzord, the Wolf Ninjazord was rendered inoperable. [MMPR3: “Changing of the Zords, Part I“]

Billy was able to recover access to the Rangers’ Ninjazords through a device that was hooked into the computers of the Command Center which imitated the Falconzord’s energy readings until the real Falconzord could be recovered. [MMPR3: “Master Vile and the Metallic Armor, Part I“]

In late 1995, Master Vile was able to use the Orb of Doom to reverse the timeline, reverting the Rangers to children. During this time, the Rangers were unable to call upon the Ninjazords with the exception of the Falconzord, which could be summoned using the Falconzord remote control.Wolf Ninjazord laser beams.

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