The Dragonzord was the personal zord of the Green Mighty Morphin Power Ranger, which could join with the other Dinozords and Titanus to form the Ultrazord.
First seen Green With Evil, Part V
Last seen Return of the Green Ranger, Part III
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Length 62 m
Height 38 m
Weight 170 tons
Speed 140 km/h

Discovering Dragonzord

As Rita Repulsa continued her assault against Earth in 1993 with her Green Ranger, she called forth the power of the ancient Dragonzord. Casting a spell into the ocean next to Angel Grove, she caused the Zord to awaken and it bubbled to the surface. Speaking with concern, Squatt remarked that they hadn’t seen the Zord in ten thousand years. Despite this, Rita intended to give the Zord to the Green Ranger to use against the Power Rangers.

The Dragonzord appeared to be able to operate with autonomy, navigating its way out of the water before attacking the onshore dock and warehouse area. The Dragonzord was taller than any other Dinozord, mostly black and silver in color with some gold and green accents throughout. The Zord featured a long articulated silver tail with a heavy drill bit at the tip. The Dragonzord repeatedly roared as it moved.

The Zord featured large golden claw decorations on its legs which were identical to the symbol on the Green Ranger’s Power Coin. The chest of the Zord featured a large golden pentagonal design with glowing red orbs around the perimeter.

Taking Control

As the Zord appeared made its way to the city, the Green Ranger, now armed with the Dragon Dagger, leapt atop its head. When the Power Rangers confronted the Zord, the Green Ranger leapt to a nearby rooftop, ordering the Dragonzord to destroy the Power Rangers by playing a melody with the Dragon Dagger. The Dragonzord appeared to acknowledge instantly, as the red orbs upon its chest plate began to flash. Playing the melody on the Dragon Dagger was also shown to cause the Zord to continue to attack, swinging its tail and crushing objects beneath its large feet. [MMPR1: “Green with Evil, Part V“]

Despite the ability to control Zord with the Dragon Dagger, the Dragonzord contained an internal cockpit similar to that of the other Dinozords. Leaping into the air, the Green Ranger could access the cockpit of the Zord through a hatch allowing him to drop into the pilot’s chair. The cockpit was small, surrounded by metal walls on three sides with a glass canopy screen which allowed visibility of the outside. The rear of the cockpit was adorned with a large green and white illuminated symbol identical to the one on the Green Ranger’s Dragonzord Power Coin.

The Zord had a standard control scheme that was similar to that of the other Dinozords. At the front of the cockpit was a small panel with two black colored controls each molded in shape to allow a hand to grasp it. Above the controls were three circular symbols featuring the Green Ranger’s helmet, the Dragonzord and the claw symbol.

Passing the power

When Rita attempted to use the Green Candle to reclaim the powers of the Green Ranger, Tommy was forced to pass his Power Coin to Jason to prevent the transfer back to Rita. In doing so, the Dragon Dagger transferred from the Green Ranger to the Red Ranger, who would now be able to summon the Dragonzord at will. [MMPR1: “The Green Candle, Part II“]

Rita would later place a weakness spell on the Dragonzord. The Red Ranger tried to use the music of the Dragon Dagger to counteract the spell but was unsuccessful. The Red Ranger summoned the Dragon Shield which subsequently appeared to break the spell.  [MMPR1: “Birds of a Feather“]

In early 1994, Rita placed a spell on Billy, whom she used to steal the Dragon Dagger. Handing the dagger over to Goldar, the Zord was once again under the control of evil. A short time later, a partially re-powered Tommy returned to help reclaim the Dragon Dagger, returning to duty with weakened powers. The weakened powers forced Tommy to conserve his energy and subsequent use of the Dragonzord.

Lord Zedd’s Pirantishead monster was able to use its powers to take control of the Dragonzord. [MMPR2: “The Mutiny, Part I“] As the Rangers scrambled to regain control of their Zords, Lord Zedd stripped the Zords of their power and sank them into lava under the Earth, but did not appear to sink the Dragonzord.

As the Green Ranger powers continued to fade throughout late 1994, the Dragonzord began to fail to respond to the calls of the Dragon Dagger. [MMPR2: “The Green Dream“] When the Green Ranger powers were extinguished completely, the Dragonzord was left dormant beneath the sea. [MMPR2: “Green No More, Part II“]

Powers and attacks

The Dragonzord relied on its claws and tail for defense. The articulated tail featured a heavy rotating drill at the tip which was strong enough to effortlessly break through solid concrete walls. The drill could cause severe damage to both giant monsters and other Zords alike. However, the Zord was bested in combat by both the Tyrannosaurus and the Megazord. [MMPR1: “Green with Evil, Part V“]

The Zord was equipped with powerful projectiles called Dragonzord Missiles. These were stored and deployed from the launchers that doubled as the claws of the Zord. The red-tipped missiles could rapidly reload and cause destruction to buildings and monsters. However, these weapons were never shown to be powerful enough to destroy a giant monster on their own and even  proved to be ineffective against the Soccadillo’s ball form. [MMPR1: “Second Chance“]

In late 1993, Zordon equipped the Zords with a new security system designed to protect them from destruction if they ever lost in battle. The system would disassemble the Zords piece by piece and return them to their secret hiding places to re-energize them. [MMPR1: “Doomsday, Part II“] Unlike the Megazord, the Dragonzord had proficiency for underwater combat. [MMPR1: “An Oyster Stew“]

Return of the Dragonzord

In 1995, the Wizard of Deception created a clone of Tommy who once again possessed the powers of the Green Ranger, including his Dragon Dagger. Apparently fully powered, this clone Ranger was able to do what Zordon feared most- summon the dormant Dragonzord. [MMPR2: “Return of the Green Ranger, Part II“]

Using his wand, the Wizard cast a spell over the Dragonzord to energize the Zord with evil. Under his control, the Dragonzord displayed black pupils within its red glowing eyes. As the Dragonzord continued its rampage through the city, the White Ranger attempted to stop it with the White Tigerzord Warrior Mode before being joined by the Thunder Megazord.

Before the Thunder Megazord could destroy the Dragonzord, the Green Ranger, now free of the Wizard’s evil influence, broke the spell on the Zord and ordered it to return to the sea. [MMPR2: “Return of the Green Ranger, Part III“]


Dragonzord components continued to by used as part of the Ultrazord. In 1995, Alpha 5 made modifications to Titanus which would allow it to accommodate the Ninja Megazord and form the Ninja Ultrazord. [MMPR3: “Final Face-Off“]

By the time that the Rangers had acquired the use of the Shogunzord fleet, Titanus was able to accommodate the Shogun Megafalconzord and form the Shogun Ultrazord. The Shogun Ultrazord was only formed once and was the final appearance of Titanus, with its and Dragonzord’s final fate being unknown. [MMPR3: “The Sound of Dischordia“]