Dragon Dagger

The Dragon Dagger was the personal weapon of the Green Ranger and the device used to summon and control the Dragonzord.
First seen Green With Evil, Part V
Last seen Dimensions in Danger
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Power Rangers Dino Thunder
Power Rangers Super Megaforce
Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel

Discovering Dragonzord

As Rita Repulsa continued her assault against Earth in 1993 with her Green Ranger, she called forth the power of the ancient Dragonzord. Casting a spell into the ocean next to Angel Grove, she caused the Zord to awaken and it bubbled to the surface. Speaking with concern, Squatt remarked that they hadn’t seen the Zord in ten thousand years. Despite this, Rita intended to give the Zord to the Green Ranger to use against the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

With the Dragonzord summoned, the Green Ranger now possessed a black holster attached to his left hip which would normally contain his Dragon Dagger. The Dragon Dagger appeared to be a small bladed dagger, approximately 18 inches in length and colored in black with a green and silver blade. The Dagger featured the symbol of the Green Ranger’s Power Coin on both sides of its hilt. The core of the dagger was unusual in that it featured pipes, holes, keys and a mouthpiece similar to that of a flute.

Unlike the other Dinozords, the Dragon Dagger was used to summon and control the Dragonzord without the need to board its cockpit. By blowing into the mouthpiece of the dagger and fingering its keys, the user could play loud brassy tunes that the Dragonzord would respond to. The Green Ranger was also able to use the music of the Dragon Dagger to energise his Dragon Shield, which would cause a blue diamond-shaped energy shield to manifest in front of him which was strong enough to repel the energy blasts of the Red Ranger’s Blade Blaster.

The Dragon Dagger in combat

The Dragon Dagger was not only used for summoning and controlling the Dragonzord. The dagger was the personal weapon of the Green Ranger and was often used in close combat. When duelling with the Red Ranger, the Green Ranger was able to cross the blades of the Dragon Dagger and the Sword of Darkness to summon an energy blast that could be directed towards his opponent.  [MMPR1: “Green With Evil, Part V“]

When the Green Ranger joined the fight against the Spit Flower, he was able to fire a blast of green energy from the tip of the blade of the Dragon Dagger that was strong enough to knock the giant-sized monster to the ground. [MMPR1: “The Spit Flower“]

Later that year, Rita used the Green Candle to reclaim the powers of the Green Ranger, and Tommy was forced to pass his Power Coin to Jason to prevent its transfer back to Rita. In doing so, the shield, armbands and Dragon Dagger transferred from the Green Ranger to the Red Ranger, who would now be able to summon the weapons at will. Shortly after this transfer, Tommy demorphed and was no longer able to utilise his powers. [MMPR1: “The Green Candle, Part II“]

With the powers of the Green Ranger now in Jason’s possession, the Red Ranger was able to summon the Dragon Dagger at will. The Red Ranger would use the dagger to summon the Dragonzord or equip himself with the Dragon Shield. The Red Ranger was able to use these powers to charge his Power Sword and Dragon Dagger with energy so much that they would brightly glow red and green respectively. The charged weapons were strong enough to destroy the Cardiatron monster. [MMPR1: “Birds of a Feather“] The weapons were used again to chop the horn from the head of the Polluticorn monster which had been the source of the creature’s power. [MMPR1: “Clean-Up Club“]

The Dagger is stolen

In early 1994, Rita Repulsa’s Dramole monster was able to its hypnotic gas to place Billy under a mind-control spell. Now serving Rita, Billy entered the Command Center and summoned the  Dragon Dagger, promising to return the weapon to its true, rightful owner. Travelling to Rita’s Dark Dimension, the mind-controlled Billy handed the Dragon Dagger to Goldar. Now armed with the Dragon Dagger, Goldar made his way to Angel Grove and used it to summon the Dragonzord. For some reason, the appearance of the Dragon Dagger changed from normal. Its silver mouthpiece was now gold, its three keys were now replaced with five buttons and the orientation of the Dragonzord coin was rotated by 90 degrees. Whilst the length appeared to stay the same, the dagger was now wider and chunkier than before.

Rita used the Dramole monster to kidnap the parents of Angel Grove and held them hostage in her Dark Dimension. Goldar offered a trade to the Rangers; in exchange for their parents, the Rangers would surrender their Power Coins to Goldar. Appearing to transform the Dragon Dagger, Goldar conjured a golden box inset with green gems and opened it, ready to accept the Coins. [MMPR1: “Return of an Old Friend, Part I“]

Jason asked Tommy to use the only Power Coin they had left- the Coin of the Green Ranger. Zordon explained that he would have to infuse Tommy with an enormous amount of his own energy to allow Tommy to morph again. Tommy agreed and teleported to confront Goldar. Tommy fought a platoon of Putty Patrollers who were guarding the Power Coin box and was able to retrieve the Dragon Dagger and the Coins by breaching the protective force-field that surrounded the box. As soon as it was in Tommy’s possession, Alpha 5 teleported Tommy back to the Command Center, who dropped the box to the floor as he fell unconscious.

A short time later, Tommy’s body become electrically charged with green energy which he absorbed when he breached the force field that surrounded the Power Coin box. Alpha 5’s scans showed that this energy had also restored Tommy’s Green Ranger powers, allowing him to morph again. [MMPR1: “Return of an Old Friend, Part II“]

The Green Ranger returns

Some weeks later, the Rangers were captured within the dimension of the Rhinoblaster monster. Alpha 5 learned that the only way to free them was for the Green Ranger to throw his Dragon Dagger into the Rhinoblaster into the multi-dimensional mist that spewed from its mouth. Alpha warned that if he failed, both the Dagger and the Rangers would lost forever. As the Green Ranger baited Rhinoblaster, he charged the dagger with glowing green energy and threw it into the mist of the Rhinoblaster. Hoping that the Red Ranger would catch the dagger and use it to escape, the Green Ranger boarded the cockpit of the Dragonzord and continued to fight the giant monster. As they battled, the other Rangers escaped in their Megazord, and the Dragon Dagger returned to the Green Ranger. [MMPR1: “Football Season“]

When Rita later used the Badges of Darkness to once again transform a band of Putty Patrollers into evil copies of the Power Rangers, Zordon stated that the Rangers would require new weapons to combat them, including the Dragon Dagger. Designed and built by Alpha 5, these weapons were identical in appearance to the existing Power Weapons, but significantly enhanced in durability. [MMPR1: “Mighty Morphin’ Mutants“]

Green No More

In mid 1994, the Green Ranger found his powers waning. Lord Zedd appeared to be determined to wipe him out as he most symbolised Rita Repulsa’s failure to capture Earth. Following a fight with the Robogoat monster, the Green Ranger was left in a state of weakness so extreme that his attempts to summon Dragonzord with the Dragon Dagger failed. Possibly related to the failing powers, the Dagger appeared to have a curved blade which had never been seen before or was seen again. [MMPR2: “The Green Dream“]

A short time later, the Green and Pink Rangers found themselves in battle against the Guitardo monster. Guitardo was able to use its guitar to cause its victims to become so light they would float in air or so heavy they would sink into the ground. As the Green Ranger found himself sinking, he played a few notes on his Dragon Dagger which counteracted the hypnotic music of Guitardo. The Pink Ranger loaded the Dragon Dagger into her Power Bow which charged it with green energy. Releasing the string, the energised weapon fired at Guitardo, completely destroying it. This was the last time the dagger was used. [MMPR2: “The Song of Guitardo“]

Clones and Time Travel

In 1995, the Wizard of Deception created a clone of Tommy who once again possessed the powers of the Green Ranger, including his Dragon Dagger. Apparently fully powered, this clone Ranger was able to do what Zordon feared most- summon the dormant Dragonzord. [MMPR2: “Return of the Green Ranger, Part II“]

Using his wand, the Wizard cast a spell over the Dragonzord to energize the Zord with evil. Under his control, the Dragonzord displayed black pupils within its red glowing eyes. As the Dragonzord continued its rampage through the city, the White Ranger attempted to stop it with the White Tigerzord Warrior Mode before being joined by the Thunder Megazord. Before the Thunder Megazord could destroy the Dragonzord, the Green Ranger, now free of the Wizard’s evil influence, broke the spell on the Zord and ordered it to return to the sea. [MMPR2: “Return of the Green Ranger, Part III“]

Dagger of the mind

In mid 2004, Tommy Oliver was rendered comatose during an attempt to render an invisible Tommy once again visible. During his coma, Tommy faced off against some of his previous Ranger forms including that of the Green Ranger.

This Green Ranger was once again equipped with the Dragon Dagger, and teleported it into the trunk of a tree next to Tommy’s head. The illusion of the Green Ranger was able to use the Dragon Dagger to fire bolts of lighting whilst playing music on the flute. [PRDT: “Fighting Spirit“]

The Dagger returns

Ten years later, during Prince Vekar’s invasion of Earth, Tommy led a team of Legendary Rangers in a final battle against the invading forces, now inexplicably able to transform into the Green Ranger including his Dragon Dagger, despite the powers being destroyed. [PRSM: “Legendary Battle”]

Five years after the events of Vekar’s invasion, Tommy was shown using his Master Morpher to transform into the Green Ranger. As before, the Green Ranger carried his Dragon Dagger, which was used in battle against the Black Dino Thunder Ranger clone. [PRSNSt: “Dimensions in Danger”]