The Megazord was the combined form of the Dinozords. Armed with a large Power Sword, it was capable of destroying giant sized monsters. It could combine with Dragonzord and Titanus to become the Ultrazord.
First seen Day of the Dumpster
Last seen An Oyster Stew (used)
Master Vile and the Metallic Armor, Part III (flashback)
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Portrayed by Tony Oliver (voice)
Height 41 m
Weight 570 tons

Forming the Megazord

Shortly after Zordon instructed Alpha 5 to recruit five teenagers to become Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, he would go on to assign each of them a Dinozord. Soon after facing Goldar in their first battle, the Rangers called upon the power of these Dinozords. As each machine appeared from its hiding place, the Rangers combined their Zords to form the Megazord Tank Mode.

Shortly afterwards, the Rangers changed to their battle mode, standing the Zord on its legs and docking the Pterodactyl on its chest. During the transformation, the Megazord’s onboard computer would recognise the change in mode, alerting the Rangers that “Megazord sequence has been initiated”, before acknowledging “Megazord activated”.

The Mastodon formed the back and arms of the Megazord, whilst the Triceratops formed the left leg and the Saber-toothed Tiger the right. The Pterodactyl formed the chestplate whilst the Tyrannosaurus formed the core through which all Zords were connected.

The Megazord Cockpit

The Zord was controlled by the Rangers who would pilot the machine from a cockpit located within the head of the Tyrannosaurus. This was the cockpit that would also be used to pilot the Tank Mode.

When the Rangers first took control of the Dinozords, the Yellow Ranger remarked that she seemed to be able to operate her Zord, despite not having any prior experience. The Blue Ranger also mentioned that operating his Zord seemed like second nature to him. Given the level of proficiency demonstrated by each of the other Rangers over their Zords, it seems that the knowledge required to pilot them was part of their powers.

The cockpit was confined, surrounded by metal walls on three sides with a glass canopy screen which allowed visibility of the outside. The rear of the cockpit was adorned with a large red and white illuminated symbol featuring the combined elements of the Power Coin designs.

Taking Control

The Zord had control scheme that was similar to that of the individual Dinozords. Each pilot had a small panel with two black colored controls molded in shape to allow a hand to grasp it. The right-hand control had a port in the center into which the Power Crystal could be inserted, which was then slid into the center position of each control panel. Above the controls were three circular symbols featuring the Ranger’s helmet, their Dinozord and the Power Coin symbol. [MMPR1: “Day of the Dumpster“]

Despite the control panels lacking conventional functions, the Rangers demonstrated a variety of system controls with them. The Pink Ranger was able to tap into the power morphing system to bypass damage to the servo-power circuits. Later, the Black Ranger was shown controlling the Megazord’s left foot tread, which was part of the Triceratops Dinozord. The Pink Ranger was able to control communication signals leaving the Megazord whilst underwater.

There was an entry point to the cockpit on the top of the Megazord head. The Green Ranger was able to exploit this entrance which lead to a door into the cockpit that was located behind the Red Ranger’s seat. [MMPR1: “Green with Evil, Part I“]

The Power Sword

In addition to the massive strength and size of the Megazord, the combination also had access to an array of offensive weapons. The primary weapon of the the Megazord was the Power Sword (not to be confused with the Red Ranger’s Power Sword). This was a long broadsword that was silver in color apart from some dark pattern decoration at its hilt.

When called for, the sword would descend quickly from the sky and impale itself in the ground in front of the Megazord. However, the Megazord was also capable of catching the Power Sword as it fell from the sky.

The Power Sword was capable of destroying giant sized monsters when fully charged. To charge it, the Megazord would raise the Power Sword to the sky where it would be struck by red lightning bolts. The energized sword would then be used to slash monsters, who would normally disintegrate moments later. [MMPR1: “A Pressing Engagement“]

During the battle with the Nasty Knight, the Power Sword was burned out, becoming covered with a black rust substance, but was quickly restored during the battle by channeling energy from the Megazord back against the monster through the Megazord’s eyebeams. [MMPR1: “Happy Birthday, Zack“] These eyebeams were also able to cleanse the Dragonzord of acid gel in the fight against Oysterizer. [MMPR1: “An Oyster Stew“]

Monsters destroyed by the Power Sword include;

Monster Episode
King Sphinx [MMPR1: “A Pressing Engagement“]
Gnarly Gnome [MMPR1: “Different Drum“]
Eye Guy [MMPR1: “I, Eye Guy“]
Nasty Knight [MMPR1: “Happy Birthday, Zack“]
Dark Warrior [MMPR1: “Dark Warrior“]
Chunky Chicken [MMPR1: “Big Sisters“]
Mirror of Destruction [MMPR1: “The Rockstar“]
Hatchasaurus [MMPR1: “Birds of a Feather“]
Polluticorn [MMPR1: “Clean-Up Club“]
Goatan [MMPR1: “Lions and Blizzards“]
Octoplant [MMPR1: “Rita’s Seed of Evil“]
Goo Fish [MMPR1: “Something Fishy“]
Fighting Flea [MMPR1: “To Flea or Not To Flea“]
Jellyfish [MMPR1: “Reign of the Jellyfish“]
Mantis [MMPR1: “Plague of the Mantis“]
Grumble Bee [MMPR1: “Grumble Bee“]
Peckster [MMPR1: “Fowl Play“]
Slippery Shark [MMPR1: “On Fins and Needles“]
Soccadillo [MMPR1: “Second Chance“]
Oysterizer [MMPR1: “An Oyster Stew“]

Powers and abilities

The Megazord was solar powered and required direct access to sunlight to operate. When Rita Repulsa caused an eclipse in 1993, it was rendered powerless until the Rangers used the Power Sword to recharge the drained power cells. This recharge was only temporary and was unable to save the Megazord from falling into a chasm created by Goldar and the Green Ranger. [MMPR1: “Green with Evil, Part IV“]

The Megazord was the primary battle machine against giant monsters. It demonstrated a great level of strength, being able to lift heavy objects like Dragonzord with ease. [MMPR1: “Green with Evil, Part V“] The Megazord could function on land and underwater, but was not optimized for underwater combat. [MMPR1: “An Oyster Stew“]

The Megazord could use a projected energy attack called a Cranial Laser. This was a charged blast focused from the yellow array located on the center horn on the Megazord’s head. The Cranial Laser was shown to be able to destroy giant monsters like the Pineoctopus, who had been frozen solid during the battle. The Cranial Laser was able to destroy the Oysterizer’s Ecocyte Pearl easily. [MMPR1: “An Oyster Stew“]

The Megazord was also able to use the head of the Mastodon Dinozord as a battle item called the Mammoth Shield. Held in the Megazord’s left hand, the shield was capable of withstanding energy attacks like those used by the Green Ranger  [MMPR1: “Green with Evil, Part II“] and withstand physical attacks like those used by the Peckster. [MMPR1: “Fowl Play“]

The Megazord could utilise two large cannons that were mounted on its back. When knocked to the ground, the Megazord was able defend itself by firing two large energy blasts. However, these blasts were not shown to be powerful enough to destroy Cyclopsus or any other giant monsters. [MMPR1: “Doomsday, Part I“]

In late 1993, Zordon equipped the Zords with a new security system designed to protect them from destruction if they ever lost in battle. The system would disassemble the Zords piece by piece and return them to their secret hiding places to re-energize them. [MMPR1: “Doomsday, Part II“]

When in battle against Commander Crayfish and the Mutant Rangers, the Blue Ranger observed that the Megazord blasters were out of range when the Mutants lifted the Monster off the ground. [MMPR1: “Mighty Morphin’ Mutants“]

Powering the Thunderzords

Lord Zedd’s Pirantishead monster was able to use its powers to freeze four of the Dinozords and take control of the Tyrannosaurus. [MMPR2: “The Mutiny, Part I“] As the Rangers scrambled to regain control of their Zords, Lord Zedd stripped the Zords of their power and sank them into lava under the Earth.

Alpha 5 recalibrated the Morphin Grid to encase the Zords with static power, giving them time to return the Zords to their hiding places. With the Dinozords saved, Zordon and Alpha were able to use their remains to create the new Thunderzords.

The Dinozords were used to create the Thunderzords. Upon summoning, the each Dinozord was struck by lightning which caused the Zord to morph and reform into the a Thunderzord. [MMPR2: “The Mutiny, Part III“] The Thunderzords were used successfully for the first year of Lord Zedd’s assault on Angel Grove, but was ultimately destroyed in the battle against Rito Revolto. [MMPR3: “Ninja Quest, Part I“]